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What It's Like to Be Here

The best way to get a sense of the student experience is to hear directly from the experts! See what our Lower Schoolers, Middle Schoolers, and Upper Schoolers say about life at Packer.

Lower School Voices

Class of 2026

The teachers know what you’ve learned and what you haven’t. If you’re behind in something, they take you aside to help you and to explain things. Then the class can learn things together, and no one’s left behind.

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Gigi M.
Class of 2027

The teachers support you. They make sure you’re learning as much as you can and you’re doing what you love.

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Class of 2026

The traditions at Packer are really special: May Day, Winter Sing, Graduation. I think that those things make the school unique in a bunch of different ways.

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Class of 2026

What I love about the teachers at Packer is that they pay so much attention to you. They’re all kind. You actually feel loved.

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Class of 2026

In Kindergarten you go on tons of field trips — to museums, to the Brooklyn Heights Promenade, to MoMA.

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Our youngest students experience the joy of discovery every day. By tapping into their natural curiosity and providing individual support, our teachers make serious learning fun.

Middle School Voices

Class of 2022

Students have individual meetings with their advisors to check in and make sure everything is going okay. Packer teachers are genuinely caring and supportive towards students.

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Ben G.
Class of 2022

Everyone is nice to each other, and everyone is really supportive. It's easy to learn and to make friends. 

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Dana H.
Class of 2022

There's something so empowering about being in a room with people who are passionate about the same things you are and working towards a common goal.

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Alex E.
Class of 2022

It’s nice having one main campus because I have made connections with everyone: kids I've been in classes with and in other grades, even teachers.

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Class of 2022

I have discovered a passion for activism during my time in Middle School. Packer values its students' voices and teachers encourage students to speak up for what they believe in.

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The Middle School experience is defined by its unique spirit and spaces, where students are encouraged to work hard, draw connections, and find joy and value in their learning.

Upper School Voices

Mike D.
Class of 2018

Dance and basketball have been what hold me together. My coach and my dance teacher constantly coordinated with each other to help me balance both of my loves.

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Millie H.
Class of 2021

What I love about Packer is that it simultaneously prioritizes academics and community. I felt like I don’t have to sacrifice one for the other and I can have it all.

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Ruby K.
Class of 2020

I love having the same dean for all four years of high school. You get to know your dean super well, and you grow a real relationship with them that is not only academic.

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Julian I.
Class of 2020

One of my favorite classes at Packer is Mandarin. I love being able to learn about a culture and a language so different from my own.

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Our Upper School program embodies a healthy balance between academic rigor and personal development. As we like to say: we focus equally on head and heart.

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