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Our Community

From the sense of warmth you'll feel as soon as you walk in, to the relationships that take root here, to the events and traditions that we are passionate about, here are some of the reasons we think the Packer community is pretty special.   

A warm greeting in Packer's front hall

We enjoy each other's company.

It starts as soon as you walk up Packer's front steps: Lou's infectiously upbeat Good Morning! to start the day. Throughout the afternoon, it's Nick's laugh that draws students to the front desk, where they linger to recap an event from the day.

There is genuine warmth in our interactions. We hold the door for each other. We sing silly songs together. We're happy to be here together.


We are a community first.

People thrive in environments where they feel known and valued and where they experience themselves as part of a greater whole. We build that sense of connection through shared experiences big and small. 

From morning meeting in Lower School classrooms to Senior Speakers who conclude their Packer experience with poignant personal reflections, we make time to see, listen to, and learn from one another.

Upper School dean with student

We have an extraordinary faculty.

Our teachers are not only experts in their fields. They are master educators: trained mentors who understand that students' personal and social growth are inextricable from their intellectual development.

So, we spend time with students outside of the classroom. In the words of our Mission, we take time to build meaningful and sustained relationships so that every student can reach their full potential.

Packer Upper School student speaking with CNN at Packer-organized Brooklyn Heights Walkout protesting gun violence

We walk the walk.

It's not easy to deliver a world-class education and continuously examine how we can do better. But it's what we aspire to every day. We don't always succeed — and when we don't, we hold on to what we learn for next time. 

We teach these values to our students. In fact, they often lead the way in taking action and making change. They are the proof that a Packer education isn't what you learn; it's what you do with what you learn.

Packer Senior-faculty basketball game

We have fun together.

The word "tradition" sometimes sounds old-fashioned. At Packer, we cherish our traditions. Not because some of them are a century old (they are), but because they are fun!

Field Day, Pumpkin Patch, Winter Sings, May Day, the 10th Grade Travel Program, the Seniors' basketball showdown against the faculty are not just memorable experiences. They're rites of passage for every Packer student.

families having breakfast together at Packer

We connect school and home.

The adults who take care of our students are welcome to spend time at our School. The Kindergarten's Special Grownups Day and Upper School Visiting Day bring families right into our classrooms — in addition to the presentations, performances, and games that bring families through our doors every day. 

Families are invited to spend mornings together in the Commons or the Hart Library and afternoons in the Garden.

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