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Health & Wellness

The driving principle of our Health and Wellness Program is the belief that good health improves academic performance, promotes balance, and reduces stress. 

We support this philosophy by bringing together our health educators, nurses, learning specialists, psychologists, teachers, deans, and division heads. Through this integration, our program promotes a healthy and balanced school culture, which fuels achievement as well as respect for oneself and for others.

Packer’s Health and Wellness Team offers an integrated K-12 curriculum that provides our students with knowledge, training and tools, and supports for physical and social-emotional health, which is fundamental to Packer’s pledge of supporting and nurturing children. We partner with families and communicate frequently to address and alleviate problems before they grow into a larger crisis. Our experiences and research show that an integrated health and wellness program supports students and helps them thrive physically, emotionally, socially, and academically.

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