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March 2019
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Sun, Feb 24
Mon, Feb 25
WORD LANGUAGE WEEK - Chicken Shawarma / Falafel and Hummus

Soup: Chicken Noodle or Shorbat Adas (Middle Eastern Red Lentil)

Entree: Shawarma Spice Chicken in Pita

Vegetarian Option: Falafel and Hummus

Side: Roasted Eggplant and Cauliflower with Roasted Tomato and Flat Leaf Parsley

Side: Steamed Basmati Rice

Salad: Dolmas (Stuffed Grape Leaves)

Tue, Feb 26
WORLD LANGUAGE WEEK - Char Siu (Chinese BBQ Pork) / General Tso Soy "Chicken" Nuggets

Soup: Tomato Orzo or Tom Kha (Thai Coconut)

Entree: Char Siu (Chinese BBQ Pork)

Vegetarian Option: General Tso Morning Star Farms "Chicken" Nuggets

Side: Steamed Broccoli and Carrot

Side: Rice Noodles with Carrot and Scallion

Salad: Mandarin Chicken Salad with Crunch Chow Mein Noodles

Wed, Feb 27
WORLD LANGUAGE WEEK - Pappardelle ala Bolognese / Penne with Broccoli Rabe, Cannellini Beans and Garlic

Soup: Italian Wedding or Minestrone

Entree: Pappardelle alla Bolognese (Gluten Free Pasta Available Upon Request)

Vegetarian Option: Penne Pasta with Broccoli Rabe, Cannellini Beans and Garlic

Side: Sauteed Escarole and Green Peas

Salad: Spaghetti Squash Salad with Zucchini, Chopped Tomato, Red Onion and Basil
Thu, Feb 28
WORLD LANGUAGE WEEK - Chicken Cordon Bleu with Dijon Cream / Mushroom Bourguignon

Soup: Tomato Orzo or Vegetable Au Pistou (Leek, Pasta and Bean)

Entree: Chicken Cordon Bleu with Dijon Cream Sauce (Breaded Chicken Cutlet Stuffed with Swiss Cheese and Ham)

Vegetarian Option: Mushroom Bourguignon

Side: Roasted Haricot Vert with Lemon Zest and Chive

Side: Pommes Frites and Truffle Oil

Salad: Salad Nicoise (Greens with Haricot Vert, Potato and Hard Boiled Eggs)

Fri, Mar 1

Soup: Pozole Rojo (Pork and Hominy)

Entree: Corn Tortilla Chips with your choice: Cheddar Cheese Sauce, Seasoned Ground Beef, Shredded Chicken or Black Beans

Side: Steamed Corn with Cotija Cheese and Cilantro

Side: Spanish Style Rice

Toppings: Sour Cream, Shredded Lettuce, Pickled Jalapeno, Pico de Gallo and Sliced Scallion

Sat, Mar 2
Sun, Mar 3
Tue, Mar 5
Pizza Pizza

Soup: Chef's Choice Soup of the Day

Entree: Cheese Pizza, Pepperoni, Fresh Mozzarella and Basil, Pink Cream Sauce, Mozzarella and Basil Oil

Gluten-free and vegan pizza available upon request

Side: Roasted Mushrooms with Baby Spinach

Salad: Arugula with Pears, Sun Dried Cranberries and Goat Cheese

Wed, Mar 6
Coconut Chicken Curry / Chana Masala

Soup: Chicken Noodle or French Onion

Entree: Coconut Chicken Curry

Vegetarian Option: Chana Masala (Savory Chickpeas)

Side: Indian Spiced Spinach

Side: Steamed Basmati Rice

Sandwich: Roasted Vegetables and White Bean Puree with Baby Spinach on a Baguette

Thu, Mar 7
Beef Roast / Quinoa Kale Burger

Soup: Tomato Orzo or Cream of Mushroom

Entree: Rosemary and Garlic Beef Roast

Vegetarian Option: Quinoa and Kale Burger with Sriracha Cabbage Slaw on a Whole Wheat Bun

Side: Steamed Broccoli and Cauliflower

Side: Oven Baked Yucca Fries with Mojo Mayo

Salad: Caprese Pasta Salad

Fri, Mar 8
Grilled Chicken Cutlet / Roasted Chic Pea Quinoa Bowl

Soup: Chicken Noodle or Split Pea

Entree: Grilled Chicken Breast with Garlic Balsamic Aioli

Vegetarian Option: Roasted Chickpeas and Cauliflower with Red Quinoa, Raisins and Toasted Coconut

Side: Roasted Carrots with Sun Dried Cranberries

Side: Cheddar Mashed Yukon Gold Potatoes

Sandwich: Greek Salad Wrap

Sat, Mar 9
Sun, Mar 10
Mon, Mar 11
Breakfast for Lunch / Tofu, Edamame and Avocado Brown Rice Bowl


Soup: Tomato Orzo or Corn Chowder

Entree: Scrambled Cage Free Eggs - Cheddar Grits with Scallion

Entree Alternative: Sriracha Baked Tofu, Avocado, Edamame and Matchstick Carrot Brown Rice Bowl

Side: Eggo Waffles

Side: Roasted Butternut Squash and Asparagus Tips

Salad: Tri-Color Pasta Salad

Tue, Mar 12
Chili Bar - Chicken and Chilies, Beef and Bean or Pumpkin and Bean

Soup: Chicken Noodle or Curried Lentil

Entree: Chicken, White Bean and Green Chilies, Beef and Kidney Bean or Pumpkin and Bean

Side: Baby Bok Choy and Roasted Eggplant

Side: Baked Tater Tots

Toppings: Sour Cream, Shredded Cheddar, Pickled Jalapeno and Sliced Scallion

Wed, Mar 13
Grilled Chicken Cutlet / Sweet Potato Steak with Roasted Brussel Sprouts, Pomegranate Seeds and Goat Cheese

Soup: Tomato Orzo or Kielbasa and Bean

Entree: Grilled Chicken Breast with Chimichurri Aioli or Chicken Cordon Bleu

Vegetarian Option: Sweet Potato Steak with Roasted Brussel Sprouts, Pomegranate Seeds and Goat Cheese

Side: Roasted Broccoli

Side: Steamed White Rice

Salad: Roasted Corn and Black Beans

Thu, Mar 14
BBQ Beef Brisket / Lentil and Quinoa Bowl with Baby Kale and a Fried Egg

Soup: Chicken Noodle or Vegetable Tortilla

Entree: BBQ Beef Brisket

Vegetarian: Lentil and Quinoa Bowl with Baby Kale and a Fried Egg

Side: Roasted Brussel Sprouts with Sliced Mushrooms

Side: Yukon Gold Potatoes and Gravy

Sandwich: Vietnamese Style Chicken Salad with Daikon and Carrot Slaw on a Baguette

Fri, Mar 15
PASTA BAR - Rigatoni or Fresh Papparadelle with Choice of Sauces

Soup: Chef's Choice Soup of the Day

Entree: PASTA BAR - Rigatoni or Fresh Papparadelle

Choice of Sauces - Toppings: Beef Ragu, Baby Spinach, Ricotta Salata and Sun Dried Tomato or Marinara

(Gluten Free and Egg Free Pasta Option Available Upon Request)

Side: Chef's Choice Vegetable of the Day

Salad: Romaine Caesar Wedge salad with Shaved Parmesan and Croutons

Sat, Mar 16
Sun, Mar 31
Mon, Apr 1
Tue, Apr 2
Wed, Apr 3
Thu, Apr 4
Fri, Apr 5
Sat, Apr 6