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Clubs and Affinity Spaces

Our clubs and affinity spaces are at the heart of student life in the Middle School and Upper Schools. 

Middle School Clubs

Clubs are one of the best parts of life in the Middle School. We often have more than 20 student clubs — everything from Comedy Club to Waffle Club to a variety of action- and activism-based clubs that explore and support a range of meaningful issues. With a few exceptions, Middle School clubs are entirely student driven each year. Have an idea for a club? Start your own!

5/6th Grade Math Club
5/6th Grade Student Council
7/8th Grade Math Club
7/8th Grade Student Council
Banana Splits
Camp Club
Civic Discourse Club: Model UN & Model Congress
Clam Club
Community Connectors
Current Events Club
Film Club
Gaming Club
Justice League
Kickboxing Club
Magic The Gathering Club
Middle School News
Movie Club
Musical Club
Mythology Club
PCI Magazine
Random Acts of Kindness
Skateboarding Club
Slime Club
Students of Color United (SOCU)
Tree Huggers
Youtube & Chill Club
Writing Club

Middle School Affinity and Action Groups

Students participate in our Community & Action Program, which provides dedicated time for them to explore community partnerships and engage with topics that are directly connected to their experiences. The Middle School also offers a range of Affinity spaces and social action groups, each with a faculty leader.

Conservative at Packer Affinity Group
Family Structure Affinity Group
Female Affinity Group
Male Affinity Group
Multiracial Affinity Group
People of Color Affinity Group
Religious Affinity Group
White Affinity Group

Environmental Action Group
Gun Laws Action Group
Dress Code Action Group
Kids Walk Action Group

Upper School Clubs

By uniting students with shared interests and causes, clubs offer a way for them to feel connected to each other and to their community. Clubs also provide many opportunities to practice leadership skills: working collaboratively, developing and articulating a vision for their work, building relationships with students, faculty, and community partners, and sustaining and increasing membership, planning and executing events, and following through.  

ArtWorks for Youth
Cambodian Living Arts Club
Chemistry Club
Chess Club
Cooking Club
Debate Club/Team
Earth Club
Earth, Wind, and Packer
Esoteric Music Society
Film Club
Finance Federation
Harvard Model Congress
Hip-Hop Club
Inquiry Club
Kids Walk for Kids with Cancer
Literary Club
Math Club
MIT Launch Club
Mock Trial
Model UN
Multiracial Alliance
Packer Current Items
Packer eSports CLub
Packer Journal of Music
Peer Support
Philosophy Club
Question Everything
Service Leadership Council
Spanish Book Club
Spanish Club
Sports Medicine Club
Student Council
Upper School Dance Club
Women in STEM
Writers' Club

Upper School Affinity Spaces

Affinity spaces are important spaces for students with similar and shared identifiers to discuss their experiences with those identifiers. They ensure a vital sense of connection and belonging while providing students with a safe space for candid conversation. Affinity spaces also provide opportunities to make change as members work to educate the community about their experiences and to promote policies that better meet their needs. In 2018-19, the new monthly Equity Council will help members leverage their collective voice and power.

Asian Affinity Alliance
Brothers and Sisters (BaS)
Family Composition Affinity Group
Feminist Alliance
GSA (Gender and Sexuality Alliance)
Jew Crew
Women of Color
Sabores Latinos

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