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PA Leadership

The PA Board oversees PA activities, liaises with the school’s administrators and trustees, and reports to parents at general meetings. 

As members of the Parent Association, all current Packer parents and guardians are invited to nominate and vote on the PA’s Board of Directors each spring.

2019-20 Leadership

Class/Grade Reps

Preschool Class Reps

Pre-K Threes Meredith Prout
Pre-K Threes Ainka Shackleford Turner
Pre-K Fours Dawn Bradford-Watt
Pre-K Fours Kara Gustafson
Kindergarten Jaconi Karen Baruh
Kindergarten Jaconi Jacki Bissu
Kindergarten Montero Anusha Reiss
Kindergarten Montero Saadiq Rodgers-King
Kindergarten Tsang Reena Sahni    
Kindergarten Tsang Ali Schippers

Lower School Class Reps

1st Grade Aberback Heather Ward
1st Grade Aberback Sharon Gurel
1st Grade Copeland Riva Horwitz
1st Grade Copeland Amy Mishra
1st Grade Sockbeson Jennifer Ogof
1st Grade Sockbeson Elena Steiger 
1st Grade Turner Lulu Betancur Hall
1st Grade Turner Laura Winner
2nd Grade Juttla Ashley Phyfe
2nd Grade Juttla Eliza McClelland
2nd Grade Royo Joseph Iovino Parrish
2nd Grade Royo Audrey Weinberger
2nd Grade Wyatt Jenny Hunter
2nd Grade Wyatt Joel Lasher
3rd Grade Li Sary Awad
3rd Grade Li Shannon Portell
3rd Grade Musial-Aderer Ilaria Becherucci
3rd Grade Musial-Aderer Melina Fisher
3rd Grade Festa Gillian Abraham
3rd Grade Festa Christie Totman    
4th Grade Farmer Pam Schwadron
4th Grade Farmer Rose Malindretos
4th Grade Jensen Tina Nelson
4th Grade Jensen Alexandra McGinley
4th Grade Sardar Alex Janghorbani
4th Grade Sardar Michelle Fantaci

Middle School Grade Reps

5th Grade Shelby Lewis
5th Grade Guy Maurice 
6th Grade Leigh Savar 
6th Grade Keith Pieck    
7th Grade Jen Buice
7th Grade Jillian Joseph
7th Grade Sanola Thomas
8th Grade Paula Burrell
8th Grade Dimple Willabus
8th Grade Frank Ligtvoet

Upper School Grade Reps

9th Grade Lucy Bekheet
9th Grade Valerie Casey
9th Grade Kristine Sui
10th Grade Karen Casey    
10th Grade Ginger Komar
10th Grade Michelle Zorzi
11th Grade Alicia Larson
11th Grade Nadia Wallace
11th Grade Margo Scott
12th Grade Jill Epstein
12th Grade Urvi Dalal
12th Grade Laurice Arroyo

Committee Chairs and Liaisons

Benefit Chair Ainka Turner
Book Fair Chair Jennifer Roux
Book Fair Co-Chair Coming Soon
Buddy Program Chair Leigh Savar
Community Engagement Chair Kim Browne
Community Engagement Co- Chair Anna Harrington
Diversity Co-Chair Tara Harrison
Division Liason Preschool Amy Kaufman
Division Liason Lower School Meera Marti
Division Liaison Middle School  Mandy Lam
Division Liaison Upper School Crystal Sampson
Faculty Appreciation Co-Chair Marissa Alperin
Faculty Appreciation Co-Chair Amy Kaufman  
Faculty Music and Art Co-Chair Paula Dunbar
Faculty Music and Art Co-Chair Marji Molavi
Holiday Gift Fair Chair Shwetha Ringel
Learning Support Co-Chair Jordan Tamagni
Learning Support Co-Chair Rachel Kelleher
Merchandise Chair Wendy Story
Parents In Action Chair Abby Rothschild
Pumpkin Patch Co-Chair Jeremy Robbins
Pumpkin Patch Co-Chair Kelsey Egan Richmond
School Photo Day Co-Chair  Cate Shainker
School Photo Day Co-Chair  Laurie Soler
Skate Party Co-Chair Amanda Jones
Skate Party Co-Chair Coming Soon
Volunteer Operations Chair  Angela Faloye

Board of Directors

President Lisa Lepisko Lambert
Vice President Alexa Eccles
Secretary Dawn Bradford-Watt
Treasurer Stefanie Starna
Class Reps Chair Marji Molavi
Communications Chair Jen Ogof
Director at Large - Pumpkin Patch Kelsy Eagan
Director at Large - Benefit Ainka Turner
Diversity Chair L'Oreal Frazier
Fundraising Chair Coming Soon
Nominating Chair Jeremy Robbins
Operations Chair Sary Awad
Programs Chair Paula Dunbar
Technology Chair Jason Rosas
Volunteers Chair Carey Dack-Reidy
Packer PA Liaison Sara Shulman

Volunteer Today!

There are many ways to get involved — from selling tickets or merchandise, to serving as a class rep, to working on an event committee, to joining a parent discussion group, to serving on the PA Board, and everything in between.

Sign up now!

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