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The new DisPAtch is your one stop for all PA news and events, replacing the monthly emails you have received from Class and Grade Reps in the past.

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Celebrate and Support our Community at the Packer Benefit 2021

Hi, everyone. It’s that time of year – the final couple of weeks before our annual Packer Benefit. We may not be able to party in person this year, but we are not letting that stop us from celebrating our community and supporting the PA Community Fund. So join us on Thursday, March 18, from 7:00 to 7:45pm for a show that will feature familiar faces, a touch of nostalgia, and lots of laughs.

We promise that while the event is virtual, there will be no shortage of fun – and fundraising! – for a great cause. There will be lots of ways to show your support, from bidding on art, homestay getaways, fashion, food and drink, and more at our online silent auction, to buying a Guest Slot on Party Book for a group class hosted by one of our talented community members. For example, Marissa Alperin (‘95, P’25, P’27 and P’31) will lead a fun mini-weaving workshop for kids and parents, and Marissa Kubiak (P’30) will host an educational wine-tasting (best to leave the kids out of that one!). You can learn more about the Benefit 2021 here. We still need auction items from our community members, so please reach out to Ainka Shackleford Turner at for more information.

As you may know, the PA Community Fund helps families pay for some of the ancillary costs of a Packer education – everything from instrument rentals to college application expenses. This year, we have been receiving more applications than ever as families cope with the impact of the pandemic. In 2020-21, we increased the maximum grant to $500 to meet additional expenses, including the cost of dependable internet service and tablet devices. Your support is what makes this possible.

The Packer Benefit 2021 isn’t just our biggest fundraiser this year – because of the pandemic, it’s our ONLY fundraising event this year. Please help us deliver on our mission of making Packer a more inclusive and welcoming community for everyone and register today.

Alexa & Sary

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Our Mission

— To create and maintain a warm and welcoming community for all Packer families.

— To facilitate communication between parents and the school administration.

— To support faculty objectives with educational program events.

— To raise money for the Community Fund, which helps families cover certain ancillary costs of an independent school education, such as student travel, certain academic and athletics-related expenses,  instrument rental, etc.