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The new DisPAtch is your one stop for all PA news and events, replacing the monthly emails you have received from Class and Grade Reps in the past.

PA News & Announcements

A Message from the PA Board 

As you probably know, several Packer families recently have had family members test positive for COVID-19. I know we speak for the entire Packer PA community when we send them our best wishes for a speedy recovery. This is an exceptionally difficult time for us all, and especially for families directly affected by the pandemic. Given the surge, it is certainly possible that more families will be similarly affected. We thank them for coming forward to help keep us safe. Let’s make sure to share our caring and empathy! We will get through this together.


Our Mission

— To create and maintain a warm and welcoming community for all Packer families.

— To facilitate communication between parents and the school administration.

— To support faculty objectives with educational program events.

— To raise money for the Community Fund, which helps families cover certain ancillary costs of an independent school education, such as student travel, certain academic and athletics-related expenses,  instrument rental, etc.