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The new DisPAtch is your one stop for all PA news and events, replacing the monthly emails you have received from Class and Grade Reps in the past.

PA News + Announcements

Cat dressed as professor with caption %22and we're back%22

Hi, everyone!  We hope you had a chance to unwind a bit this Summer -- and that you and your families are continuing to stay safe and healthy. 
We know you are getting lots of Packer emails this week so we will keep this short, but we wanted to say hello and welcome everyone back to Packer -- with a special welcome to all our new families.  We look forward to getting to know you. 
The return to full, in-person school this Fall is a big deal for all of us and we are still working out the particulars of when and how we can gather for PA and Packer events.  But whether we are zooming or getting together IRL, the PA is here to support families and to help channel our collective energy to give back to Packer and the larger community.
Just by being a Packer family you are automatically a member of the Parent Association, so we hope you will explore the PA section of the Packer website and find out more about all the ways you can get involved.  The DisPAtch email is your monthly snapshot of the latest news and updates from the PA -- from special events, to information about Parent Groups and PA Affinity Spaces, to one-time and ongoing opportunities to engage and volunteer.  Please click the headlines below for more information and always check The DisPAtch online (this page!) for the most up-to-date PA news and calendar.
Don’t forget to check out the Packer PA on Facebook and sign up for Calendar Alerts!  And as always, please feel free to reach out to us with any questions, concerns, or ideas.  We are here to help! 
Here’s to the year ahead.  Welcome back! 

Alexa Eccles (president@packerpa.org)
Sary Awad (vicepresident@packerpa.org)

PA Mission

— To create and maintain a warm and welcoming community for all Packer families.

— To facilitate communication between parents and the school administration.

— To support faculty objectives with educational program events.

— To raise money for the Community Fund, which helps families cover certain ancillary costs of an independent school education, such as student travel, certain academic and athletics-related expenses,  instrument rental, etc.