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#KnowYourPelicans: Lydia Monzio
Posted 04/07/2017 02:23PM

Know Your Pelicans - Lydia Monzio

#KnowYourPelicans: Lydia Monzio

Administrative Assistant for Student Services, College Counseling

What is your favorite thing about Packer?

There are so many things I love about Packer that it is hard to pick just one! I love our caring community, our wonderful students, the friends I have made, and the way I have grown as a person here. But my favorite thing has to be working with students throughout the college process. It is so exciting to see them grow from juniors who are not sure what to expect into confident seniors ready to take on the world! No matter how many times we go through this process with a different class every year, it never gets old.

Describe a favorite or memorable moment during your time at Packer.

A memorable moment was when the Class of 2015 dedicated the yearbook to me. You could have knocked me over with a feather! I was so proud and excited to be picked for such an honor and it made me realize that I am appreciated for all the hard work I do. It really meant the world to me!

Name a book/artwork/piece of music that changed your life and explain how.

From the time I was a little girl, my family watched nature documentaries. Because of them I developed a love of the natural world in all its forms. Seeing those wild places made me want to visit them and I have sought out places throughout my life that can bring me closer to nature. I have been camping and river rafting, star gazing and birding, hiking and cross country skiing and have traveled to many places. This summer I am going to Alaska and will finally get to step onto the tundra that I have dreamed about visiting since I was a child and a dream close to my heart will be fulfilled.

What is something that most Packer people wouldn't know about you?

Something folks may not know about me is that I used to be a scuba diver. At one point, I had over 100 hours under water and actually wanted to become a dive master and teach the sport. It never happened but it was a dream I had for a very long time.

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