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A Strategic Plan for 2011-2016

Packer’s comprehensive planning process is intended to evaluate how well the School is living up to its mission, to take stock of its current position, and to determine our strategic direction for the future. Based on a detailed review conducted over the past eight months, the Board can confidently report to the community that the state of Packer is strong.

Over the past decade and a half, Packer’s stature within the New York City independent school arena has grown demonstrably, and we believe the School is rightly regarded as a top school of choice among both students and faculty in our increasingly competitive educational marketplace. In the five years since the development of our last strategic plan, the School has implemented a comprehensive mapping of the pre-K to 12 curriculum; improved programs for teacher supervision and evaluation; made major strides in increasing faculty compensation; and committed considerable resources to improving our buildings and physical plant.

Proceeding from a position of strength, this plan is designed to ensure Packer’s continued excellence.  To achieve this goal, the Board has assessed the following elements of a Packer education and has defined specific strategic goals to guide our further progress in the coming five years.  The plan addresses the following areas:

  • Background
  • Conclusion

In each of these areas, the Board’s plan is designed to preserve what is best about Packer and to build on our strengths in order to fulfill the School’s mission.


In developing the plan, we engaged important stakeholders who care deeply about Packer and its continued excellence: faculty, staff, parents, alumni, students, and other members of the Packer community. Assisted by a professional consultant with considerable expertise in independent school strategic planning, we began by developing a survey that invited all stakeholders to share their thoughts about the current strengths of the School, the perceived challenges and limitations to be faced over the next few years, and the ideas and advice they might offer to strengthen an already thriving institution. Almost five hundred individuals responded to our survey, contributing candid, passionate, and well-reasoned analyses and suggestions.  The Strategic Planning Committee, led by trustees, studied the responses in detail and used them to identify the areas of focus listed above.

In order to evaluate the strategic issues within these focus areas, the Board’s planning committee then invited parents, faculty, administrators, other trustees, and alumni to join task forces dedicated to collecting and analyzing data, reviewing third party studies, and debating choices relevant to Packer. Over the course of numerous meetings, additional surveys, discussion sessions, and an all-day Board retreat, several key recommendations about Packer’s future emerged.  This plan is the result of all these considerable efforts.

Moving ahead over the next five years, the Board of Trustees will marshal and deploy the resources necessary to continue to improve the Packer educational experience: to build on our outstanding instructional and co-curricular programs; to fully support our talented faculty; to further enhance our unique and cherished campus and its buildings; and to ensure that the Packer community sustains the high levels of interpersonal connectedness and inclusiveness that have long characterized the School and its graduates.

The Packer Collegiate Institute
170 Joralemon Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201
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