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Mission Statement

The advising program reflects Packer’s school mission by supporting students in their academic, personal and social growth. The shared experiences of the advising group, which is the core of the Upper School advising program, is complemented by the development of a relationships between an adviser and a student. The advising program encourages students to be both individuals in, and members of, a diverse educational community.

Deans’ Roles and Responsibilities

  • The dean serves as the first point of contact in matters of student life, including attendance, academic achievement, discipline, etc.
  • The dean for each class serves as a reliable resource for parents in the class; will contact a parent whenever there are concerns about a student’s progress; and is available during parent/teacher conferences in December to meet with parents.
  • The dean is knowledgeable about each student’s learning style and/or learning differences.
  • The dean provides academic counseling and coordinates course selection/registration, and oversees the accuracy of student transcripts.

The Advisor’s Roles and Responsibilities

  • Advisors meet with advisees as a homeroom  a minimum of two times per week (Monday and Wednesday) between 8:10 and 8:30 a.m.
  • Advisors schedule time outside of homeroom to meet with individual advisees on an as-needed basis. Additionally, advisors meet with their advisees three times a year in pre-scheduled advisor/advisee conferences in conjunction with the publication of students’ grades and comments.
  • Advisors are knowledgeable about each advisee’s academic history and current progress.
  • Advisors provide support for their advisees on issues related to their interactions with other teachers.
  • Advisors are knowledgeable about each advisee’s learning style and/or learning differences.
  • Advisors can assist advisees with basic time management and organizational strategies to successfully support the completion of various academic assignments.
  • Advisors participate in grade-level teams, which consist of other advisors for that grade and which are headed by the class Dean. Each team meets weekly to discuss issues relevant to the class as a whole and consult on the progress of individual students. 
  • Advisors will make contact with each advisee’s parents on an as-needed basis.
  • Advisors are available during parent/teacher conferences in December to meet with parents of advisees.

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