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Senior Thesis Project Allows Seniors to Think Deeply About Issues of Interest

This month, 10 Packer Twelfth Graders gave senior thesis presentations, the culmination of a voluntary senior thesis project that allowed them to think deeply about a topic of their choice. Through these projects, the students were able to explore a range of activities, including composing a seven-song album, creating art and animation for a retro fighting game, making the case for why Shakespeare should be quoted more often, and conducting an in-depth study of scary movies. One senior developed several pieces of choreography to music used in Nintendo video games. You can see an example of his work above. A full list of the thesis presentations is provided below. 

Archie C.: The Sun in My Eyes
Henry F.: To Quote or Not to Quote
Olivia W. and Dakota C.: Your Role in Art
Andres Antonio: Control Those Beats 
Adam K.: The Art of Fear
Melissa K.: First Drafts: Stories
Zuzu A. and Georgia F.: Children’s Picture Book
Silas R.: Retro Video Game Animation

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