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"It Could Be One of Us": Packer Students of Color Share Fears About Police Brutality


The unjust—and too often deadly—treatment of African Americans by both police and civilians is making headlines again but it’s a topic that Packer students have been concerned about for quite some time. Earlier this school year, Jordan R. ’20 and Amadi W. ’21 partnered on a project titled “It Could Be One of Us.” Both Amadi’s photography and Jordan’s film illustrate the fears of many Packer students of color—fears that no child, regardless of color, should have. “Here, at Packer, people tend to see everyone on the same level, but I think it’s important to acknowledge that for some of us, we are seen as just another Black person once we leave the building,” said Amadi in her artist’s statement. “The privileges that we have within the Packer community don’t always extend to the outside world.” 

To learn more about how the Packer community is addressing race and other diversity and equity issues, explore the school-wide work anchored by our Diversity and Equity program. 

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