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Highlights From the Fall 2022 Sports Season

Packer’s Fall 2022 sports season was marked with many milestone accomplishments and rewarding victories. Several athletes set school records or achieved personal bests in performance time or points scored. Read on to discover the most memorable moments of the season, according to our coaches.

Girls Varsity Soccer

Captains: Sophie '23, Sophia '23, and Phoebe '23. All Stars: Sophie '23 and Sophia '23.

Season Highlights:

The Girls Varsity Soccer team brought in yet another successful season, finishing as AAIS Tournament Champions, the #2 seed in the NYASIS State Tournament, and runner-ups in the State Finals. “The team had to dig down deep when injury set in and play through a rough patch,” says Coach John Keaveny, “but they battled through and showed that they can match up against anybody that they faced.” That perseverance served the team well through the conference championship, and carried them through to the State Finals. 
Coach John and Coach Julia are particularly proud of the team’s performance during their semifinal match against Hackley. “Everyone stepped up and contributed to the win,” says Coach John. “A lot of the young players stepped up when we needed them to.“ 

An honorable mention extends off the pitch: this time, to the community of fans and supporters. Throughout the team’s successful run over the past two years, the coaches were “so excited for the joy it has brought to not only the players but the parents and the school.”

Boys Varsity Soccer

Captain: Steven '23. All Stars: Lukas '23 and Julien '23.

Season Highlights: 

The Boys Soccer team may have started out as underdogs this year, with a #4 seed placement in the playoffs—but adversity didn’t stop them from upsetting the odds and coming out on top as ACIS Tournament Champions and qualifying for NYSAIS State. A particular shoutout goes to Goalkeeper Lorenzo ’24 for his man-of-the-match performance in the Championship Final.

“They knuckled down, they were resilient, and they never threw the towel in,” says Coach Jonathan Vaughan. “After a loss, they always came in with the attitude that they were going to get better both individually and as a team.”

Success this year depended on each athlete working hard on their own performances in order to perform their best as a team; collaboration throughout the season took place both on and off the pitch. They chose to “close the space down, be gritty and determined, and stick to the game plan,” says Coach Vaughan.

Girls Varsity Volleyball

Captains: Autumn ’25 and Monica ’23. All-Stars: Autumn ’25 and Monica ’23

Season Highlights:  

This Girls Varsity Volleyball season was a season of milestones, says Head Coach Sean Salomons. This fall, the team improved their state ranking, and finished second in their league; Monica ’23 passed 400 career kills; Natalie ’23 surpassed 200 career digs; and Autumn ’25 surpassed 500 career assists. Formations, structures and line-ups may have changed throughout the season, but the team’s collective perseverance was undeniable: “They were really able to just roll with the punches,” says Coach Salomons.

Their unity as a team extended off the court, too: by the end of the season, they felt like family. “You don’t always get to see these students intermingle in other aspects of their lives,” says Coach Salomons. “To see them at the end of the season where they’re having fun together and bonding off the court is the best part for me, and what really is the best part of high school sports.”

Girls Tennis

Conference All Stars: Sydney ’23 and Nina ’27

Season Highlights: 

To Varsity Tennis Assistant Coach Kate Meyer, the mark of a good season is more than just the stats. “We didn’t have a fantastic season in terms of wins and losses, but this was an absolutely fantastic group of girls. There wasn’t a lot of ego; they were all super kind to each other and supportive. I would say that our girls held their own with the other teams.”

Playing Varsity Tennis at Packer requires a unique kind of endurance: a shortage of Brooklyn tennis courts means long commutes to matches in Manhattan and Queens. This year offered a particular challenge, as the team’s head coaching role wasn’t officially filled until mid-season. “When the Head Coach came on, some of the kids really took to the coaching,” says Assistant Coach Meyer. “They just rolled with the punches and enjoyed being together.” There was notable growth from the start of the season to the finish, as the team was placed in situations that “really showed the girls what they were made of: it’s a team poised for more growth next year.”

Boys and Girls Cross Country

Captains: Girls Team: Hannah ’23; Boys Team: Oscar ’23

Season Highlights:
Once again, Packer Pelicans proved that they are a powerhouse when it comes to Cross Country: Emerging as ACIS Team Champions, both the Boys and Girls teams closed out the season by making it all the way to the NYSAIS Championship. Out of 19 teams, the Girls Team team finished 13th overall, and the Boys’ Team finished 12th.
“Training was very intense,” says Coach Trevor Watson, on early-season preparation for their first of six ACIS League races. “Knowing that we were the defending Champions, everyone was looking to capitalize on the first meet of the season. They won in both the Boys and Girls Divisions in fine style.” Both the Packer Boys and Girls Teams would go on to win five out of six ACIS meets. 
In a humorous turn of events, the Boys ACIS championship title was mistakenly given to Berkeley Carroll, for a brief period. Boys Captain Oscar ’23 says that the Pelicans took their phantom placement in stride, and defined their success by more than the title: “I think a really good way to look at this is that, although we did end up winning, the win should not be the only indicator of success.”
The season’s highlight performance, the Six Flags Wild Safari Invitational in New Jersey, sent both the Boys and Girls teams away with medals and a second place trophy. The meet was “a good outing for the Pelicans and a great confidence builder,” says Coach Trevor, “that would take them all the way in retaining the ACIS Girls & Boys title as the League Champions.”

Boys Junior Varsity Soccer

Captains: Thomas ’24, Jack ’24

Season Highlights: 

The Boys Junior Varsity Soccer team grew substantially as a team this year, thanks in part to the connections made between teammates of varying age and experience on the pitch. “There were so many gifted freshmen this year, and it was great seeing sophomores and juniors take freshmen under their wing,” says Head Coach Eric Wiley. “Our returning players were not only teachable, but were able to carry that experience over to less-experienced players.” 

The team’s dedication to their work in the classroom also contributed to their growth on the pitch. “From freshmen to seniors, it was special to see how confidence in other areas of their lives translated to the field,” Coach Eric noted. One athlete even used an equation from a Packer math lesson to improve his strategy on the field. There’s no doubt that a strong Packer academic makes for a strong Packer athlete—and this team really showcased those complementary strengths.

Girls Junior Varsity Volleyball

Season Highlights:

Ater a #3 seed placement for the playoffs, our Girls Junior Varsity Volleyball team rose to claim the title as ACIS Champions this year. 

For the majority of the players, this season was the first opportunity to play on a volleyball team. “I think the team really understood the different roles better toward the end of the season,” says JV Head Coach Michael Valentin. 

“There were a lot of games packed into the season and less practice time than usual,” says Coach Valentin; the team had eight wins and three losses, for a total of eleven games.  “I was proud of them for being able to adapt and learn mid-game.” 


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