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Welcome Back, Pelicans!

As the 2023-24 school year kicked off, students, faculty, and staff flocked back to campus, welcoming new faces, reconnecting with each other, and admiring the revamped spaces which took shape over the summer.

Renovations and enhancements to the first floor of Founder’s Hall made way for the Pierson Co-Lab, a new Upper School community life hub which was unveiled last week. Students settled into the space, which includes areas dedicated to independent or group study, relaxation, and connection.


Our youngest Pelicans reacquainted themselves with the sun-soaked Early Learning Center Roof as they clambered around the play structure.  


Collaborating on a teetering block tower at the Early Learning Center.


 Third Graders practiced active listening as Ms. Rubin read aloud from School's First Day of School by Adam Rex.


Upper School students assembled for the first Chapel of the 2023-24 school year.


 Packer’s newest faculty and staff participated in orientation activities before students arrived, including the annual scavenger hunt to help new community members navigate our labyrinthian campus.

There’s nothing like back-to-school energy to set a new year in motion. 

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