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Maria Valentina Nunes Remarks

Thank you Schuyler for joining us to celebrate the Class of 2022 and for sharing your compelling story. We fully embrace your belief that we must place love at the foundation of learning and extend our love even when we don’t fully understand each other. 

As I stand before the Class of 2022, thank you for being the courageous, supportive, fun-loving and unignorably outspoken class that you are. In the three years I’ve known you, you have never let up on pushing, and pushing, and pushing for what you believe in. 
For all your pushing,  know that you have pulled off something extraordinary. You are leaving Packer a stronger school because of you.
This is the class that pushed, in the aftermath of the murder of George Floyd, for changes in our programs and curricula to make them more inclusive. 
This is that class that pushed for the Change Committee and the Boundary and Sexual Misconduct task force. This Class partnered with the adults at Packer and held us accountable for the promises we made together.
This is the class that pushed against any bumps in the road. Despite setting the record for the number of Deans in the Upper School, this Class responded with a wonderful “go with the flow” resiliency and embraced the individual strengths that each Dean offered them. Your yearbook dedication was a testament to the inherent inclusiveness of your class. 
This is the class who pushed so hard to take everyone’s needs into account that their Senior Skip day became a moving target, subject to rounds of votes and negotiations that would rival any parliamentary body. 

And this is the class whose push for joy was palpable. Whether leading the crowds on a fan bus, hanging out in the student center - or was it a man cave? - exuberantly counting down their final day at school, laughing, and crying, as they read their letters on the camping trip, or pulling off the perfect prom. These shared memories will live long in our hearts.
This is the Class of 2022 that sits before us and to whom I say,  Just Keep Pushing. Our world will be a better place for it.

Mr. Kwon, it is now my honor to present to you the members of the Class of 2022. Students, please stand.
Mr. Kown, all of these students have successfully completed the requirements for graduation and are now eligible to receive the diplomas of the Packer Collegiate Institute. 

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