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Installation Remarks by Izabella Lizarazo ’20 and Yusuf Haque ’20

Izabella Lizarazo, Upper School Student Council President: On behalf of the student body at Packer, we are delighted to be here welcoming Dr. Weyburn to the Packer community. Yusuf and I came to Packer in the ninth grade and we are grateful for the opportunity to have become involved members of our community. We now welcome Dr. Weyburn as she herself enters the Packer community, and we as a student body welcome her with an open mind and heart.

Yusuf Haque, Upper School Student Council Vice President: We created a video that highlights some of the various student voices at Packer and illuminates who we are as a community and what Packer means to us. We wish Dr. Weyburn the best of luck as the Head of School and we are confident she will make a great leader to us as well as the rest of the community.

Izabella: We would also like to thank our classmate Jordan Renville ’20 for filming and editing the video, as well as the students who took part in the film. 

Yusuf: Thank you.


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