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Celebrating Our 2022-23 Student Awards

At the end of each school year, Packer’s Upper School celebrates some of our students’ achievements with the announcement of academic and athletic awards at the final Chapel of the year. Below is a list of the well-deserved recipients for the 2022-23 year. Please join us in congratulating these exceptional Packer students and most recent alumni, members of the class of 2023.  

Academic Awards:

Independent Science Research: Liam Zuckerman ‘23
Departmental Award for Best All-Around Science: Katya Volkova ‘23

Departmental Award History & Social Science: Raenen Traver-Fallick ‘23

English Department Award: Charlie Price ‘23 and Natalie Marcus-Wade ‘23

Physical Education Department Award: Carly Gavant ‘23 and Charlie Price ‘23

Math Department Award: Isabel L. ‘24

Departmental Award for Choral Music: Thalassa V. ‘26

Departmental Award for Instrumental Music: Celeste F. ‘24

Departmental Award for Theatre: Charlotte R. ‘24 

Departmental Award for Visual Arts: Cady S. ‘24

Departmental Award for Photography: Jacqueline C. ‘24

Departmental Award for Digital Video: David Lillien ‘23

Departmental Award for Dance: Krislyn Michel ‘23

(Film Festival)
Digital Media Arts Award: Jacqueline C. ‘24 and Luke A. ‘24

Department Award French: Caroline Peyser ‘23

Department Award Latin: Judah F. ‘24 and Lottie S. ‘24

Department Award Mandarin Chinese: Raenen Travor-Fallick ‘23

Department Award Spanish: Natalie Marcus-Wade ‘23

Computer Science Department Award: Tobias Heller ‘23

Cum Laude Inductees 

Class of 2023

Natalie Marcus-Wade
Raenen Traver-Fallick
Liam Zuckerman
Charlie Price
Hanna Will
Sandy Tecotzky
Katya Volkova
Kika Singer
Malva Blavarg
Julian Rosenberg

Mu Alpha Theta

Nate D'Albert ‘23
Tobias    Heller ‘23
Julian Rosenberg ‘23
Raenen Traver-Fallick ‘23
Hanna Dietderich ‘23
Michael Appleby ‘23
Henry B. ‘24
Mia H. ‘24
Truman M. ‘24

Athletics Awards
The Stephen Manternach ‘13 Award: Delia ‘26 and Jenise F. ‘24

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