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To Reset Your Password

On the next screen, you must enter your user name followed by to reset your password. 

Normally, your Packer user name is firstname.lastname (harriet.packer). However, you must enter your user name as follows on the next screen.

See below for a preview of the next screen. 

Sample password reset screen

The addition of "" to parent user names is ONLY required when requesting a password reset. Parents are not issued Packer email accounts. For all other Packer services, your user name follows the standard format of: firstname.lastname

To complete the password reset process, you will need access to your email to receive a verification code.

IMPORTANT NOTE: It may take up to 30-45 minutes for your new password to fully propagate to all Packer systems.  If your new password does not work immediately, please wait a half-hour and try it again.

Continue to the Password reset page >>

For assistance, or if you do not know your user name, please email or call 718-250-0280.