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Supporting Packer

When you contribute to Packer, you provide transformative opportunities for every Packer student!

Since 1845, The Packer Collegiate Institute has flourished due to the philanthropy of our entire community of parents, alumni, grandparents, parents of alumni, faculty, staff, and friends. Whether through annual contributions to the Packer Fund or through donations to our endowment or capital campaigns, gifts of all sizes have a direct impact on the excellence and continued growth of Packer’s academic, athletic, arts, and global programs. 

May Day Celebration 2018

The extraordinary generosity of the Packer community allows us to honor our commitment to our student-centered approach to education. Your support creates countless opportunities for our remarkable students and faculty — to go farther, to try something new, to make a discovery. We are deeply grateful for your philanthropic support — thank you!

Giving Opportunities

Annual Giving: The Packer Fund

Every member of our community is asked to make a gift each year to The Packer Fund. In 2017-18, gifts to The Packer Fund totaled over $2.8 million, directly impacting the daily life of each student. Please Make a Gift and help give our students the learning experience of a lifetime, every day. 

When you give to The Packer Fund, you give our students and teachers the opportunity to do extraordinary things:

Offer a responsive student-centered education 

The Packer Fund supports the faculty who design flexible curricula that grow with our students’ interests.

Invest in great teaching

The Packer Fund allows us to recruit and retain inspiring, accomplished educators from across the country, and gives them opportunities to refine their skills and extend their practice.

Create a supportive, inclusive community

The Packer Fund supports innovative programming in diversity and advances our deep commitment to financial aid, with over $8 million in grants to Packer families each year.

Experience the world

The Packer Fund supports our ambitious experiential learning programs at every grade level, including class trips and community projects in Brooklyn and beyond; specialized WinterSession and Symposium courses; our Independent Science Research Program; and our global travel programs.
Contact Susan Moore, Director of Annual Giving, with any questions concerning the Packer Fund: (718) 250-0314 or

Endowment and Capital Giving

Packer’s endowment is the foundation of the financial strength of our School. The endowment provides income that supports core needs as well as specific educational programs and benefits for our students year after year. Most recently, the community united to support Ensuring Continued Excellence, a successful effort to double the school’s endowment through philanthropy. Gifts to endowment are always welcomed and appreciated.

Throughout its history, Packer has utilized successful capital campaigns to raise money to enhance and expand our beautiful, historic campus. Today, the Packer community benefits from the generosity of those who came before us.

For more information, please contact Sara Shulman, Director of Development, at (718) 250-0277 or

Planned Giving

A planned gift is a contribution that is commonly donated through a will or trust, through bequests, life income gifts, real estate, or charitable lead trusts. 

Through planned giving, you can support Packer by utilizing financial and estate plans. Generations of alumni, parents, and friends have strengthened Packer’s legacy with planned gifts. We honor these generous individuals through membership in The Harriet Packer Society.

To learn more about planned giving or The Harriet Packer Society, please contact Sara Shulman, Director of Development, at or (718) 250-0277.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the various ways I/we are asked to contribute to the school?

The Packer Fund 

You are asked each year to consider a gift to The Packer Fund, our annual giving program. This gift should be your philanthropic priority to Packer. Gifts to The Packer Fund are used in the current school year operating budget, supporting faculty compensation, financial aid, programs, the upkeep of our historic building, and much more. Please contact Susan Moore, Director of Annual Giving, with any questions concerning the Packer Fund: (718) 250-0314 or


Throughout its history, Packer has embarked on a number of campaigns to raise money for special projects which benefit the entire Packer community. For more information, please contact Sara Shulman, Director of Development, at (718) 250-0277 or

The Parent Association

Packer has a strong and committed Parent Association — every parent is a member! Throughout the year, the PA holds various events that support both their key mission of community-building and fundraising for the school. Money raised by the PA is allocated to the Packer Fund and the PA Community Fund. The PA Community Fund, administered by the school, provides financial support for certain ancillary student expenses for all families, including those receiving financial aid.

Please note that your support of PA fundraising activities does not count as your gift to The Packer Fund for annual giving.

Why do we need annual giving?

Tuition does not cover the full cost of a Packer education. The Packer Fund helps make up this gap between the cost of a Packer education and tuition, in 2017-18 contributing over $2.8 million to the operating budget.

What is the range of giving to The Packer Fund?

All members of the Packer community are asked to participate in The Packer Fund to the best of their ability — gifts range from $20 to $50,000. Every gift is appreciated!

Leadership Giving

We ask those in the position to make Packer a philanthropic priority to consider a leadership gift to The Packer Fund. Leadership gifts place the donors in the Pelican Society.

Leadership Giving

Founders Circle
$50,000 or more

Harriet Packer Circle
$25,000 - $49,999

William Packer Circle
$15,000 - $24,999

Gold Circle
$10,000 - $14,999

Bridge Circle
$5,000 - $9,999

Tower Circle
$3,000 - $4,999

1845 Circle
$1,845 - $2,999

Maroon Circle
$1,500 - $1,844

How will my donation be listed in the Annual Report of Gifts?

All donors are listed alphabetically without dollar amounts: by Class, if alumni, by children’s grade if parents, or by various groups (parents of alumni, grandparents, etc.) Only Pelican Society leadership gifts are listed by level in the Annual Report. If requested, your gift can be anonymous.

Can I make a gift in honor of or in memory of someone?

A gift to Packer is a thoughtful and appreciated way to honor or remember a special person or event. A note will be sent to the individual or family you have honored; the amount of the gift will not be disclosed.

Make a Gift

When you give a gift to The Packer Fund, you give our students and teachers the opportunity to do extraordinary things.

How to Make a Gift

There are many ways to support Packer.

Volunteer Opportunities

For information on becoming a Packer Fund volunteer, please contact Director of Annual Giving Susan Moore at or (718) 250-0314, or Director of Alumni David Minder at or (718) 250-0229.

Meet the Development Office

Shriya Bhargava-Sears

Manager of Special Events
School: 228

Rebecca Frisch

Campaign Associate
School: 239

Aaron Heflich Shapiro

Manager of Development Services
School: 342

David Minder

Director of Alumni
School: 229

Susan Moore

Director of Annual Giving
School: 314

Sara Shulman

Director of Development
School: 277

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