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Remote Learning Overview

During our closure, we will engage students with learning experiences that continue their planned learning program and help students stay connected with teachers and classmates.

Our remote learning plan offer authentic opportunities to focus on key concepts, knowledge, and skills. They emphasize interaction and creativity and involve a balance of on-screen and off-screen tasks that help connect to previous learning and the current curriculum.

As always, our online communications are managed in a respectful and safe way. For clarity and safety, we are using only Google Suite and approved learning platforms (such as SeeSaw and Zoom) to interact with students.

Packer is a close, caring and resilient community. With everyone's continuing support, our Think Deeply, Speak Confidently, Act with Purpose and Heart mission continues, wherever we may be.

IT Services and Tech Support

Parenting a Remote Learner (Webinar)

This taped webinar provides helpful tips for parents:

* Developing screen time rules and creating balance
* Staying current without becoming overwhelmed
* Modeling healthy habits and boundaries
* Mentoring children on technology and social media
* Dealing with social isolation, anxiety, and depression

Watch the webinar (registration required)

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