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Visual Arts Showcase

On View in the Carol Shen Gallery: Visual Arts Faculty Show | Spring 2023

This Spring 2023 Visual Arts Faculty Show — curated entirely of faculty and staff work — featured painting, mixed media photo collage, ceramics and photography.

Learn more about each artist and their work:

"I am intrigued by our desire to change living in conflict with our compulsion to consume everything." —Liz Titone

"With the acceptance that an inanimate object, which looks nothing like one is accustomed to, one opens up to the acceptance that "that which is different" is like oneself." —Michael Miller

"I think of my sculptures as a view into my unconscious mind, a landscape of very primitive things, rudimentary elements of life, nature, science, spirituality and passion." —Elizabeth Eagle

"I like to search out relationships between the natural world and a more personal world of human experience." —Robin Koo

Lane's tapestries, cut into harsh and often preternaturally large steel and iron structures, are sensual, alluring and deeply effeminate. —Caroline Holder

On view in the Carol Shen Gallery: Spring 2023