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Performing Arts Showcase

Eric Baylin: "Finding the Point Of Balance: A Life Making Art"

Upper School Art Teacher Eric Baylin has taught for 33 years at Packer. This fall, his recent work is featured in "Finding the Point Of Balance: A Life Making Art" in the Shen Gallery.

In his current art, he uses rocks and branches, in combination with string to create temporary sculptural installations. In these works he plays with the natural tension of the string weighted by the rocks to hold the branches in place. When he arrives at the uncanny moment in which all the elements settle into both a literal and visual state of balance, that particular work is complete.

The exhibit in the Shen Gallery includes several of these recent installations as well as earlier examples of his ceramic sculpture, drawings, and photographs. During the course of the exhibition, Eric will create “Drawing Performed in Three Parts” in collaboration with dancers, artists, and musicians from the Packer community. In this interactive piece, participants will create a series of large-scale drawings as a live performance.

On view in the Shen Gallery: Fall 2017

Opening for Eric Baylin's %22Finding the Point Of Balance: A Life Making Art%22