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Yves-Eric Kabore Named Head of Middle School

Packer is pleased to announce that Yves-Eric Kabore, currently the division director of Grades 4-8 at The Philadelphia School, will become Packer's next Head of Middle School, effective July 1, 2021. He will succeed Noah Reinhardt, who has been a part of the Packer community for 21 years.

Mr. Kabore’s selection comes at the end of an extensive process that engaged many members of the school community. Thanks to robust community participation in the process, the finalists were able to get a good sense of Packer, the life and spirit of the Middle School, and the opportunities for moving the division forward.

Mr. Kabore came highly recommended as a gifted leader of students and faculty. His references spoke to his expertise as an instructional coach, and they noted his personable and collaborative leadership style. In getting to know him in this process, members of the Packer community found him to be a “student-first” educator who “articulated all of the great qualities that make an excellent education leader.” In his interviews, Mr. Kabore revealed his deep experience with all aspects of school life, sharing examples of developing rich Middle School curriculum, making and communicating tough decisions, and fostering a more equitable, inclusive school. Throughout, he revealed his wisdom and his empathy for students, faculty, and families alike.

Packer looks forward to welcoming Yves-Eric and his family— his wife, Desiree, his children Amaya (10) and Avery (8) — to New York City in the new academic year.

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