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Reunion 2021: Amadi Williams ’21 and Pelicans in Politics Panel

Amadi Williams '21: “Baba Weusi” Presentation

Amadi Williams ’21 presented her work “Baba Weusi” (“Black fathers" in Swahili) to alumni on Tuesday, April 20, discussing her “portrait series created to highlight and explore the experiences of Black fathers within the Packer community.” In light of current events, and ongoing conversations about the founders and historical figures in Packer’s halls, she believes that the series gave her an opportunity to feature black dads and start a conversation around the broader concept of black fathers. At the event, Amadi discussed the importance of diverse representation at Packer, about how current events directly impact Packer students, especially Packer’s students of color, and the importance of addressing and acknowledging those issues. 

Harry Simmons III ’92 was our alumni host and explored how she got started with art, the conversations she's inspired with her work, and what she thinks she will do next. 

Take a moment to view Amadi’s work, see her presentation to Packer’s Lower School, and/or watch the full interview

Pelicans in Politics

On Thursday, April 22, we hosted a special panel featuring our alumni in politics hosted by Geoff Brewer ’82, Editorial Director of Gallup Press.

  • Eric Harris Bernstein ’06, Policy Director at We Make Minnesota
  • Danai Pointer ’03, Communications Outreach Director at DNC
  • Lincoln Restler ’02, Candidate for City Council, District 33

Each of the panelists discussed their career, which all similarly lead to positions in local New York City offices, to involvement in the 2010s political campaigns. In particular, they discussed the different methods of influencing political change in each of their areas, including policy research, marketing, campaigns, and local politics. 

They also began to touch on the importance of this work in making political change in light of current issues, including misinformation, the pandemic, and issues related to race and racism.

To see some of Packer's alumni really making a difference in the political sphere, please watch our video of the full discussion.

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