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Read Online: “A Long Way Forward: The First Hundred Years of The Packer Collegiate Institute”

We are pleased to announce that A Long Way Forward: The First Hundred Years of the Packer Collegiate Institute, the quintessential history of Packer, is now available in digital form online.

A Long Way Forward was written by former Packer English teacher Marjorie L. Nickerson (1910-1941).

The book covers the founding of Packer (originally, the Brooklyn Female Academy), the fire that destroyed the original building, the pivotal gift from Harriet L. Packer for reconstruction, and the consequential changes to Packer, to Brooklyn, and the Untied States through 1945. 

Read a few excerpts below:

“The girls who came to the Brooklyn Female Academy for the first time in May, 1846 took their way along shaded roads, past gardens and open fields to the sound of bird songs instead of the to the roar of a great modern city. The Heights was a veritable garden spot, especially on the edge of the bluff.”

“The fire was discovered about six o'clock on Saturday morning and owing to the dense fog which prevailed at the time, it was not observed until it had made considerable progress....The firemen, finding all efforts to save the Academy useless, directed their force to confine it, and save the adjoining houses.”

“Packer parents, students, teachers, and the Packer lunch room Hooverized (the term of conserving food). Americans learned to like bread of other hues than white, observed meatless and wheatless days, went without sugar, and in the summer of 1918 gave up pleasure driving on Sundays at the request of the government...”

We thank former visual arts faculty member Ken Rush for his work to make this book available digitally.

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