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Packer Alumni Voices - Submit Yours!

How did Packer help you find your voice? 

The upcoming Packer magazine will be featuring student voices, and we are hoping to hear from our alumni! 

How did Packer help you find your voice, shape your sense of self, give you the courage to be yourself, help you speak confidently, and act with purpose and heart?  

It could be a word of encouragement you received from a teacher, coach, or advisor — or a bigger story about how the Packer community and your time here inspired you. It could be a tale of the people who helped you find the courage to sing a solo at Winter Celebration, speak out for a cause, or rally your peers. Or it could be a more personal reflection about the ways you trace who you are back to Packer.    

Please submit your reflections here. Deadline for submissions is Monday, January 17. 

Please let us know if you have any questions.  

David Minder Karin Storm Wood
Director of Alumni Director of Communications

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