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Packer Alumni Book Publications

Photo credit: Kimberly Farmer on Unsplash

As we enter the winter season, we wanted to highlight a few book releases from Packer Alumni. If you have released a book and would like to let us know please email

Zachary Wright ’01 released a new book titled Dismantling a Broken System: Actions to Bridge the Opportunity, Equity, and Justice Gap in American Education. Zachary is an award-winning educator with over fifteen years of experience, and writes about discrimination and how to be an activist within the American education system. 

Carolyn Kay Brancato '62 released a new novel, The Night Belongs to the Marquis: A WWII Novel. The novel is based on interviews she had with members of the French Resistance and centered on a band of resistance fighters.  The novel is available on Amazon and will soon be available via Barnes & Noble. 

Former Packer student Amy Sohn ’91 released a new book titled The Man Who Hated Women: Sex, Censorship, and Civil Liberties in the Gilded Age. In this book, she writes about the history of Anthony Comstock, anti-vice activist and U.S. Postal Inspector, and those who opposed his war on women’s rights. Amy is the New York Times-bestselling author of twelve books, including the novels Prospect Park West, Motherland, and The Actress.

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