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Memorial for Longtime Packer Faculty Member Jane Rinden

On October 28, 2018, over 100 former students and colleagues, friends, and family members gathered for a memorial in honor of former Packer faculty member Jane Rinden.

From 1967 until 1981, Jane was an esteemed member of the English department at here at Packer. As a teacher, she embodied the School's mission of educating students to become thoughtful and active citizens in the world and influenced generations of alumni. 

Alumni shared the far-reaching impact Mrs. Rinden had on their lives beyond the classroom.

Maggie Levine ’82 and Barbara Minakakis ’71 IVAc spoke about Mrs. Rinden's influence on their own lives and the lives of others at Packer. Barbara also shared how she and her classmates saw Mrs. Rinden as a teacher and as a person.

To Jana Miller North ’71 IVAc, she was “classy and smart” and to Elizabeth Shine Bishop ’71 IVAc, she was “eternally young and full of energy.” 

Amy Finkle Cobb ’71 IVAc said that, as a teacher, Jane was “not afraid to stray from the traditional approach to teaching,” and according to Marilla Palmer Zaremba ’71 IVAc, “Packer was an oddly anachronistic place in a turbulent time. Mrs. Rinden somehow managed to bridge the gap.”

In the words of Betsy Gilbride deSoye ’71 IVAc, and from all of us at Packer, “Thank you [Mrs. Rinden] for caring so much.”

For the full speech transcripts, photos, and the program, please see Remembering Jane Rinden.

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