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Letter from Packer's Alumni Board

Above: Alumni Board Officers (Left, right, and bottom left) Jeremy Schiffres ’07, President; Rebecca Chovnick Beck ’02, Vice President; Francisco Tezen ’93, Secretary

Dear Packer Alumni, 

You might not know it, but Packer’s Alumni Association is led by Packer’s Alumni Board. 

The Alumni Board is composed of alumni elected from every decade of Packer graduates. We have two goals. One is to keep alumni connected to each other by organizing social, educational, and professional events and services of interest to alumni. The other is to keep alumni connected to Packer by informing alumni of school news, advocating for alumni interests to Packer leadership, and fundraising. Distinct from other voices at Packer, the Alumni Board has the unique benefit of reporting to only one constituency: you.

In other words, we are your representatives. Share your ideas of the kinds of events and services you would like us to organize, whether it is mentorship or networking opportunities, a common read, or something else. For example, we know that many alumni have been discussing on their own the kinds of change they want to see at Packer. If you would like help arranging a conversation for your class, or getting connected with others, please let us know. Think of us as another avenue to get your voice heard. Share your thoughts, ideas, and concerns about the actions Packer has promised to take and, going forward, makes. Let us listen to and partner with you.

Looking ahead to the coming year, we pledge to foster a vibrant alumni community through events and services and to amplify your views to those in charge at Packer. While our past events have aimed to be of interest to all of Packer’s alumni, we are always looking to do better. Given the activity of alumni over the past few months, we intend to pay particular attention this year to ensuring that events we organize are of interest and relevance to Packer’s alumni of color, especially its Black alumni.

Please do not hesitate to contact us. The best ways are either by emailing or David Minder, Packer’s Director of Alumni, at We look forward to hearing from you.

Packer's Alumni Board

Alumni Board Officers
Jeremy Schiffres ’07, President
Rebecca Chovnick Beck ’02, Vice President
Francisco Tezen ’93, Secretary

Alumni Board Directors
Sasha Baumrind ’00
Anne Wenk Cashion '11
J. Matthew Dillon ’03
Hilary Fox '85
Cynthia Gardstein ’66 IV Ac, Director Emeritus
Sandra Swift Gill ’62 IVAc
Ronnette Hope '07
Alba Regina Mazzuca ’73 IVAc
Natasha Chefetz Nordahl ’86
Benjamin Prosky ‘95
Adrian Purcell ’03
Vanessa Ivette Rosado '97
Jason Rosas '94
Ellin Rosenzweig '52, Director Emeritus
Diane Sapega Silver ’73 IVAc
Melissa Tandy '09

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