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Encouraging Seekers of Truth: Tené Adero Howard ’97

As Packer’s first Director of Global Outreach, Service, and Sustainability, Tené Adero Howard oversees the School’s international travel programs, service learning, and environmental initiatives. Having earned degrees in sociology and international educational development from Amherst College and Teachers College respectively, she has dedicated her career to “learning spaces” outside of the classroom that “honor students’ passions.” 

My desire to be an empathetic, committed educator has grown out of the education and relationships I had here at Packer. Susan Hinkle, the former Head of Lower School who led a diversity program housed at Packer, taught me that I had a voice that was important — and that it was my responsibility to share it. Linda Gold was magical, creative, and so connected to her own humanity that she enabled us to connect to our own. Both George Snook and Erland Zygmuntowicz gave me an appreciation and love of getting to know a thing, listening, researching, and then — and only then — forming my opinions about it. Whether I was in his yoga class or working with him as a peer supporter, George Boutis helped me listen to and hear both myself and others. 

In my work as an educator, I aspire to epitomize the best of all of these traits — being myself and expressing my voice while being a patient and dedicated listener; helping students to find their passions and connect their own experiences to those of others; and encouraging them to be seekers of truth and understand that everyone’s truth is a bit different. 

This profile appeared in a feature on alumni in education published in the Summer 2016 issue of The Packer Magazine.

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