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Different Ships, Same Storm: Share Your Perspective

Above image: Strength in Numbers • Collection curated by Jackson Stimmler
In early 2020, as the world was impacted by the global pandemic, students and other members of the Packer Community were struck by what a challenging time it was. It was a unique experience for each individual, but also a shared experience across the globe. With those feelings in mind, Packer Visual Arts Teacher Liz Titone, Visual Arts and Photography Teacher Elizabeth Eagle, and Brendan Bannon of Most Important Picture developed a program called "Different Ships, Same Storm" that connected students with their peers in Buffalo, NY; Portland, Oregon; Port Elizabeth, South Africa; Tel Aviv, Israel; Siem Reap, Cambodia; Tampico, Mexico; and Pasadena, California.

Masks • Collection Curated by Bushraa Choudhry
The students in the program exchanged pictures and connected with one another as they shared stories about their own pandemic experiences. They were amazed by how they "...grew connected during a time when our real world interactions, routines and pastimes were limited." You can view their work at and on Instagram.

Warmth and Plurality • Collection Curated by Sam Levine '21

Packer Seniors Luca Biro, Lula Boyd, Sam Levine, and Jake Srebnick invite alumni to collaborate with them on the Different Ships, Same Storm project on Monday, November 16.

Alumni interested in joining these students on this creative journey need to attend this meeting. At the meeting, Luca, Lula, Sam, and Jake will share their own experiences, discuss project details, provide instructions and guidance, and answer questions that alumni may have about their own work. No previous photography or art experience required. The grand finale will be on Wednesday, December 9, when students and alumni will showcase their joint collaboration with a talk and presentation. Members of the Packer community will be invited to celebrate their artwork.

Please RSVP at or call (917) 538-0751 to attend the meeting on Monday, November 16 hosted by the four Seniors.

Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 95860902407
Password: 981046

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