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Reunion 2021: Departing Faculty

Recently we announced to the Packer community that some of our beloved faculty members are retiring from Packer in June, including Deb McDermott, Celeste Tramontin, George Boutis, George Snook, and Eric Baylin. These teachers represent over 160 years of students between them, making a profound impact on generations of students. The impact that these members of our community were able to provide is priceless, and we are grateful for their years of service.

On April 17, we honored these departing faculty members during our annual Reunion Chapel. Sasha Baurmind ’00, member of the Alumni Board, shared the alumni community’s appreciation for these faculty members and offered everyone an opportunity to see them online.

During the ceremony, people began sharing their own memories and appreciation on our online bulletin board. Add your own well wishes and memories (no sign-in required).

In addition to this, Eric Baylin and George Snook agreed to host events offering alumni a chance to feel like they were back in the classroom with their favorite teachers.

Eric Baylin

On Monday, April 19, Eric Baylin presented his ongoing class called “Life’s Big Questions” for alumni. Over the years, he has challenged students to ask questions like, “How does one live a meaningful life?”, “What constitutes true happiness?”, “Where and how can we find it?”.  As part of this effort, he’s had over 70 speakers visit the class to discuss this. He considers these visitors to be human libraries, who share their valuable knowledge and experiences with Packer students. Some of those visitors have included alumni coming to speak about the pathways their life took after Packer. 

In this Reunion edition, he had a few recent graduates tell their stories about “Life After Packer” and welcomed the audience to participate with their experiences. Inevitably, many of our alumni took the opportunity to acknowledge how Eric Baylin had impacted their lives after Packer. Watch a video of his presentation on our YouTube.

George Snook

On Wednesday, April 21, George Snook welcomed alumni and invited them to ask any questions on a wide array of topics. George talked about how he started at Packer, what he’s been reading and listening to, thoughts on current events, and what he’s doing for retirement (which included finding his “hippie roots”). One repeated discussion was what books George was reading and recommended, which we have compiled here! You can watch a recording of his Q&A on our YouTube.

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