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Catching Up with Alumni

(Above) Emily Ludolph ’08 sat down with author Lois Hammersberg Lowry ’54 IVAc at Caveat in the Lower East Side for her podcast “Dedicate It,” which features conversations with writers. 

In February, Mary Lou Carlstedt Barnes ’55 IVAc, ’57 Co, Louise Griffin Collins ’60 IVAc, Diane Sapega Silver ’73 IVAc, Stacey Reines ’73 IVAc, and Louise Benvenuto ’70 IVAc had lunch in Palm Beach. 

Jon Kinzel ’86, Geoff Brewer ’82, Andre Douglas ’11, Matt Dillon ’02, Emily Lamia ’02, Jeremy Schiffres ’07, Melissa Tandy ’09, Eliza Fishenfeld ’99, Lydia Marks ’83, and Charkie Quarcoo ’02 connected with young alumni professionals from Berkeley Carroll, Brooklyn Friends, Poly Prep, and host, Saint Ann’s.

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