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“Being Our Authentic Selves” and Connecting with Students

On November 14, over 30 Packer alumni, faculty and staff, and students of color participated in our annual Alumni of Color Connect event. 

The cross-generational event serves as an opportunity for our alumni to volunteer as mentors to current students, participate in discussions about their experiences at Packer, and discuss life at other school and professional communities.

This year's conversation was led by our Upper School students who choose the topic, Being Our Authentic Selves and Successfully Navigating Different Spaces. The meeting was facilitated by Noelle Parks ’19 and Satya Sheftel-Gomes ’19 and the conversation focused on the challenges of moving between communities, questioning the concept of fit and code-switching, and being your authentic self. 

With Packer representatives from the classes of 1981 to 2012, we are excited about this program which encourages conversation, self-advocacy, and community building.

Thanks to those alumni who participated this year. Please email if you'd like to be a part of the next event!

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