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Alumni Engage in Anti-Racism Work

As Packer continues to focus on maintaining an explicitly anti-racist culture at our school, we want to mention a few recent events involving alumni.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Workshop

On Monday, January 18, Packer continued our annual MLK Peace Workshop, albeit virtually. Students, alumni, and parents participated in a workshop called “The Origins of Anti-Black Racism in the United States, hosted by Ayo Magwood of Uprooting Inequity. Magwood is an educational consultant specializing in anti-racist education.

Following this workshop was a discussion about anti-Black racism and how the Packer community can come together to meet our goal of becoming a more inclusive school community for all.

Alumni Focus Groups

In January, over the course of two evenings, we hosted alumni of color from across the decades to discuss their experiences at Packer, how alumni can be involved in the future of anti-racism efforts at Packer, and how we can better address the needs of our alumni of color. These focus groups were comprised of alumni and members of the Packer Anti-Racism Council (PARC), hosted by Eastern Educational Resource Collaborative.

Alumni Board Anti-Racism Training

On January 24, the Alumni Board participated in a four hour anti-racism training hosted by the Center for Racial Justice in Education.

Alumni Board President Jeremy Schiffres ’07 remarked that: “Between its members, the Alumni Board has experienced seven decades of Packer experiences. Coming together to reflect critically, with honest discussion and experienced facilitators, on how different forms of racism impacted our and others’ time as students was a necessary step in starting to understand the lasting impact those experiences have had on alumni connections to Packer and our alumni community overall. In other words, it was a necessary step — but just one early one — in our Board's mission to make our alumni community a place where all Packer alumni will want to take part.”

Shen Gallery Exhibit: “Baba Weusi” by Amadi Williams ’21

Artist Amadi Williams ’21, co-leader of Black student affinity group Brothers and Sisters, recently debuted a series of portraits in the Shen Gallery. Her exhibit, “Baba Weusi” (“Black Fathers” in Swahili), highlights and explores the experiences of Black fathers and colleagues within the Packer community.

These portraits are designed to praise, highlight, and elevate the “powerful, loving, and intelligent men who walk [Packer's] halls.”

As an artist, Amadi focuses on providing work that inspires her audience to think and create dialogue.

View a film of the exhibit and browse more of Amadi’s artwork on her website

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