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Alumni in the News - Early 2022 Edition

Stacey Toussaint ’92

Stacey Toussaint was recently featured for her company Inside Out Tours, by NBC for their Local’s “Rebound” project, a project described as “Behind the Scenes as Businesses Try to Bounce Back from the Pandemic”, and by CBS news!

Inside Out Tours is “a Black woman-owned tour company with a social mission to elevate marginalized voices.” Stacey believes that there is an “obligation to respect the heritage and history of that community by avoiding preconceived notions on how things should be and rather seek to come more as a student.” A perfect message for Packer alumni!

See how she is helping the city bounce back by reading and watching the links below.

Tene Howard ’97

Tené Howard '97 was recently featured by J.P. Morgan's Spotlight Stories which celebrates "...stories of inclusivity, passion, and resilience of those who rise to the challenge and inspire us every day"

As Executive Director of Sadie Nash, an organization that provides "experiential social justice education to over 500 young women and gender-expansive youth," Tené spoke about how the young people they support are “fierce advocates for change led by communities, and are amazingly creative and committed to centering the voices and the experiences of those most marginalized in our society."

Read the full story here:


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