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Alumni in the News: David Helene ’08 and Gavin Schiffres ’11

Two of Packer's young alumni were recently featured in Forbes Magazine's annual “30 Under 30” feature.

David Helene ’08 (above left)

David is featured for his role in founding Edquity, a new platform designed to help students graduate from college. Whether you’re a high school or college student, the site helps with money management, finding local resources, and applying for emergency funds. Edquity is now partnered with 13 collegiate institutions in six states. 

Gavin Schiffres ’11 (above right)

Gavin Schiffres (and co-founder and Jack Krewson) made the list for founding Kairos Academies, an experimental, public charter school in St. Louis. The school day is structured like a 9-5 work day, with a year-round school calendar. With longer days, students are offered more free time and receive additional tutoring from their teachers. You can read more coverage about Gavin and Kairos from St. Lois NPR. 

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