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Alumni in History: Helen Deming Sherman & Florence Balsdon Gibb
(Left: Helen Deming Sherman Right: Florence Balsdon Gibb)
Packer alumni have been involved in vital political movements since the school's founding in 1845. Recently, Pratt Institute published an article featuring two Packer alumnae who married into the Pratt family and became leaders within the suffragist movement in the early 1900s.
Helen Deming Sherman and Florence Balsdon Gibb "...were among a number of women from prominent New York families who used their resources and social positions to sustain the long fight for suffrage and raise the profile of the movement."
Take a minute to read the whole story to hear how these "...two sisters-in-law in the Pratt family...were pivotal members of the local movement, hosting meetings in their homes, providing financial support to events, and taking leadership roles in organizations that rallied for change."


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