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Transformation Amid Tradition

Eight Years of Renovation – And Counting

Never before has Packer enjoyed a greater commitment to the preservation and renovation of its historic spaces than it does under the leadership of Head of School Bruce L. Dennis. Over his eleven-year tenure so far, Dr. Dennis and the Board of Trustees have guided the transformation of nearly all of Packer’s facilities except the Middle School (to which a mezzanine level will be added this year). In addition to preservation work on the exteriors and upgrades to the School’s digital infrastructure, nearly every summer over the past eight years has seen significant upgrades. 




Girls’ and Boys’ Locker Rooms


Fifth Floor Art Studio, Digital Video Lab, and Darkroom

Second Grade Classroom


Chemistry Laboratories


Biology Laboratories and workspace for Science faculty

Lower School Science Laboratory


Entrance and Main Hall [1]

Physics Laboratories [2]

Admissions Office

Athletics Office


Upper School [3]

The “Penthouse”


Lower School [4 & 5]

The Tower


Middle School Mezzanine

Fifth Floor Classrooms

Upper School Office

Coming in 2018

100 Clinton Street

Coming in 2019

Garden House (repurposed)

Kindergarten Suite (repurposed)


Enhanced Teaching and Learning in the Lower School

Last summer, in partnership with Hudson Studio Architects, the School undertook an ambitious project: the gut renovation of the Lower School, which occupies the second and some of the third floors of “the main building” (i.e., Founder’s Hall and Alumnae Hall). Well-lit and inviting open spaces [4] and newly configured breakout rooms, including a dedicated space for math and literacy coaching [5], have made small-group work and professional development more accessible. Classrooms at the 1st, 3rd, and 4th-grade levels are now located together. Vibrant new smartboards and document cameras are integrated into every classroom, allowing for interactive demonstrations in all subjects.

“The new space has enabled us to do the kinds of teaching that we are committed to with our youngest students,” said Jansen Po, Head of Preschool and Lower School. “Frankly, it’s awesome.”