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We would love to meet you.

One of the ways to get to know Packer is to register for one of our virtual information sessions. 

Register on Ravenna now to learn more about our personalized approach, our exceptional faculty, our extensive programs and facilities, and most importantly, our incredible students, who are at the center of everything we do.  

The Student Perspective

Hear what our high schoolers think about student life at Packer!

Prospective 9th Grade students can connect with our student tour guides at evening Zoom sessions. For more information and to register, log in to Ravenna

Take a Virtual Tour

Open Houses and Group Tours


Meet Our Tour Guides for Middle and Upper School


Frankie '22

“Packer’s Upper School has so much to offer between Independent Science Research and other independent studies, to numerous global travel opportunities. These programs are unique to Packer, and I hope to experience many of them in the next four years.”


Mia-Nathalie '22

“Through my experience in Packer’s Middle School as the Student Council Secretary, I’ve learned how to honor my word, be punctual, and foster a good work ethic.”


Charlie '22

“I chose to attend Packer because of the friendliness of both students and teachers within the community.”


Whitney '22

“The balance of Packer’s offerings in academics, the arts, and athletics is amazing. I also love how our community is so open-minded.”


Heelah '22

“During my visit to Packer, I loved seeing the incandescence of the students as I walked through the hallways. The teachers were also deeply invested in the lessons they taught and really took an interest in what their students had to say.”


Zoe ’22

“I chose to attend Packer because of the vibe I felt when visiting. You could really feel how caring and inclusive the community was when walking through the halls.”


Frankie ’22

“Packer had one of the most beautiful campuses I came across last year. However, the most impressive thing I noticed about Packer was being able to see firsthand how my sister was both challenged and supported by the school.”


Julian ’22

“I have attended Packer for the past 10 years and it’s become as much a part of me as anything else, because I have truly grown up here. I believe that being a part of the Packer community makes you a more thoughtful and empathetic person.”


Madeleine ’22

“In my eyes, Packer perfectly balances both traditional and progressive elements, while providing a safe space for children to grow and enter the world as an independent individual.”


Lucy ’22

“At Packer, the faculty are really invested in the students’ well-being and their pursuit of knowledge. This is why I decided to stay for high school.”


Apple ’22

“I decided to become a Tour Guide because my tour and revisit in 8th Grade were two experiences that ultimately drove me to choose Packer. The positive vibe of the community was evident during those visits.”


Sam ’21

“I chose Packer because of the sense of community I witnessed while on tour. Now, when I walk through the doors every morning, I feel at home in a way you don't really feel at many other places.”


Rebecca ’22

“I love how the Packer community makes everyone feel at home, and the teachers are top-notch!”


John ’22

“Last year, my tour guides spoke so honestly and fondly about Packer. This year, I am proud to be a member of Packer’s community, and I’m eager to share my insight with prospective families!”


Lea ’21

“I love the arts, but Packer allows me to immerse myself in clubs and sports, which wouldn’t be offered to me at the same level in art school.”


Johnny ’21

“When I visited Packer, I felt like it was a place where I could be my best self in every way, and meet a diverse and open-minded group of people.”


Bella ’21

“I decided to come to Packer because of the unity within the school, as well as the advanced and engaging classes. The teachers engage the students thoroughly and the students are willing to work with everyone.”


Frayda ’21

“I want to be a Tour Guide because it allows me to connect with prospective families. This is important because it’s these connections that make them feel like they could be a part of the Packer community.”


JoJo ’21

“My favorite memory at Packer is from our trip to Washington, DC in the 8th grade. We had so much fun going on a scavenger hunt around the Capitol.”


Abby ’21

“Entering my second year at Packer, I am still in awe of all the opportunities offered to the members of our community. I am able to be a three-season athlete, sing in Women’s Ensemble, and commit time to community engagement.”


Kate ’21

“Everyone at Packer is extremely welcoming and every student advocates for their own learning, which really inspires me.”


Annabel ’21

“The teachers at Packer teach us more than what’s in the curriculum; they educate us on how to be positive, well-intentioned activists and leaders within society. I strongly believe both students and teachers truly embrace our community and embody Packer’s mission.”


Bobby ’21

“I remember my tour being a major reason why I came to Packer and I want to be able to show other students why our school is so great.”


Rebekah ’21

“Packer is a place where people can really explore their interests and feel accepted no matter their differences.”


India ’21

“I stayed at Packer for high school because the relationships I’ve created here with both students and teachers are truly special.”


Millie ’21

“When I was going through the admissions process in 8th Grade, the students I talked to really helped provide insight into the Packer experience. I want to be able to have the same influence on incoming prospective students.”


Graham ’21

“I have been at Packer for practically my entire life and it has really become a second home for me.”


Georgia ’21

“My favorite Packer memories were during softball season last spring. I was given the opportunity to improve as a player, make many new friends, and we had so much fun!”


Lily ’21

“One of the things I love most about Packer is the focus and attention we give to current events and social issues on a daily basis. Students are provided the opportunity to express their genuine opinions without fear of ridicule.”


Violet ’21

“I have learned so many things at Packer, inside and outside of the classroom. The teachers are dedicated to making every experience a beneficial one.”


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We use the Ravenna online application process.

Getting to Packer

Packer is easily accessible from Manhattan and all points of Brooklyn and the other boroughs. Take the 2/3/4/5 train (to Borough Hall), the A/C/F/R train (to Jay Street) or the G train (to Hoyt-Schermerhorn Streets). Several MTA city buses stop at Borough Hall as well. Several parking garages are located one block to the southeast, on Livingston Street between Court Street and Boerum Place. 

Directions and Google Map 

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