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The 2019 cohort model the personalized lab coats they received following their completion of the Independent Science Research Program. 

Independent Science Research

Packer's Independent Science Research Program is a three-year sequence of study in the physical and life sciences. During the first year, students in this selective program hone their interests, are matched with a scientist mentor, and learn important skills to prepare them for an internship. They then spend two summers and two school years interning in a professional science laboratory developing and applying research skills. 

Watch the video below to learn more about the program.

Find the complete program description in our Upper School Curriculum Guide. 


View highlights of the program below.

In the Lab

  • The Independent Science Research Program features an internship in a university research lab for students during the summers after Tenth and Eleventh grades and during their Eleventh and Twelfth Grade school years.  
  • Participants learn the skills necessary to conduct laboratory investigations with increasing independence and responsibility. 

In the Classroom

  • Students work with their peers and their research teacher to hone their skills in reading papers, giving presentations, and peer review. 
  • Research is presented at an end-of-school-year research symposium. 
  • During Junior and Senior years, students have the opportunity to share their research at local, regional, and national science competitions.

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