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Student Support

We believe students who are valued and supported as individual learners are more engaged in their learning and are more likely to succeed.

Packer strives to meet students where they are in their educational journey. The student support team partners with classroom teachers to ensure that the curriculum and instruction is responsive to all students. When a child has academic challenges or needs to strengthen executive function, our student support team provides the resources and guidance needed to flourish within Packer’s academic program and beyond. 

Packer has a multidisciplinary, cross-divisional team of learning specialists and curriculum coordinators that collaborate with teachers, administrators, school psychologists, counselors, and school nurses. We also support our students’ social-emotional wellness, partnering closely with Packer’s Health and Wellness program.

We engage in open dialogue about learning so that we can support children and families most effectively and address any challenges proactively. Considering a student’s individual learning profile and goals, our learning specialists provide direct instruction to students, helping them develop transferable skills and teaching them to advocate for themselves.  We also work closely with families to offer tools and structures that will ultimately help students manage their learning independently. 

Charlie Tilston
Director of Student Support

Packer's approach to Learning Support begins with knowing our students, honoring who they are as individuals, and understanding their interests, strengths, and challenges. 

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Test Accomodations

For all questions related to  accommodations in school and on standardized ACT and College Board exams,  please email

Meet Our Team

Charlie Tilston

Director of Student Support

Linda Weiss-King

Learning Specialist
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