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Technology at The Packer Collegiate Institute

IT Services

Technology offers a powerful way of thinking that is integral to our academic program at Packer. We teach students to leverage the digital tools of technology with knowledge of computing and design thinking. Using technology, students expand their ability to be creative, communicate, collaborate, explore and solve real-world problems.

Technology at Packer is designed to empower students and faculty to tap the full promise of powerful learning tools by applying technology in intentional and meaningful ways. Lower School classrooms have access to tablets and laptops, and every student in Grades 5 through 12 is provided with an Apple laptop (MacBook Air) and a comprehensive software suite. We provide access to age-appropriate software and academic resources that are accessible both on and off campus. All classrooms are equipped with interactive whiteboard displays which support interactive teaching and classroom collaboration. 3D printers are available to all grade levels. 

Our academic programs in Computing & Design (Lower and Middle Schools) and Computer Science (Upper School) are designed to educate students in the appropriate and effective application of technology for their own learning, expression, and discovery. Read more about Computing & Design, as well as our offerings in Computer Science under Academics and in our downloadable Curriculum Guides.

Middle School Curriculum Guide

Upper School Curriculum Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

What devices are provided in which grades?

Packer provides laptops every student in Grades 5 through 12 via our laptop program. Younger students have access to shared tablets and/or laptops within their classrooms.

How are student laptops paid for?

Student accounts incur an annual charge for laptop use and support.

What if my child doesn't need to have a laptop?

Because Packer’s academic program is designed with the expectation that all students have access to the same technology, every student in Grades 5 through 12 is provided with a Packer-issued laptop.

What support is there if my child encounters a problem?

The IT Service Desk staff in our Tech Center (on the Lower Level of Founder's Hall) are certified Apple technicians and are experienced in helping students and their families with issues when they come up.

What happens if my child's laptop breaks?

Bring the laptop to the Packer Tech Center for repair. All repairs must be coordinated through Packer’s Tech Center, which is an Authorized Apple Repair facility. Loaner laptops are available on a temporary basis.

My child doesn't have many basic tech skills. What kind of training and help is provided?

Our laptop program is supported by the educational programming of our Computer Science department, which includes lessons on both how to use the laptop and on Digital Citizenship. Our goal is to help students become capable, confident and thoughtful digital citizens.

How is technology infused into classroom learning?

Packer’s Academic Technology team, who are teachers themselves, work with faculty to help them incorporate new ways of using technology to enhance and facilitate learning throughout the entire curriculum.

How do I contact members of Packer's Tech Department over the summer?

Packer’s Tech Center is open all summer, Monday to Thursday every week, from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm. You can also contact Packer’s IT Service Desk at

Are laptops the only technology my child will use while at Packer?

No. Packer’s Computing and Design (Lower School and Middle School) and Computer Science (Upper School) curriculums incorporate a wide range of physical computing devices and tools — from 3D printers to building and programming robots. 

How do students get tech support?

Stop by the Technology Center (Founder’s Hall, lower level), open an IT Service Desk help request (requires your Packer credentials), or email us at

How do parents and guardians get tech support?

Stop by the Technology Center (Founder’s Hall, lower level) or email us at

How do I reset my Packer Parent Login and password?

Click here to reset your parent account password.

Tech Support

Stop by the Technology Center (Founder’s Hall, lower level) or email us at

Students and Faculty: Stop by the Technology Center (Founder’s Hall, lower level), open an IT Service Desk help request (requires your Packer credentials), or email us at

Meet Our Technology Staff and Faculty

Information Technology Staff

Jim Anderson

Chief Technology Officer

Cassandra Corrigan

Database Manager and Analyst

William Mondesi

Help Desk Support Technician

Michael Pace

Network Manager

Michael Price

Director of Technology

Ramon Thompson

Technology Services Coordinator

Tracy Turner

Project Manager

Academic Technology Faculty

Sanjana Assudani

Computer Science Teacher and Integrator

Gregory Benedis-Grab

Director of Academic IT and Computer Science Department Head

Meghan Clark

Computer Science Teacher and Integrator

Saber Khan

Computer Science Teacher and Integrator

Louis Minsky

Computer Science Teacher and Integrator

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