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IT Services

Technology offers a powerful way of thinking that is integral to our academic program at Packer. We teach students to leverage the digital tools of technology with knowledge of computing and design thinking. Using technology, students expand their ability to be creative, communicate, collaborate, explore and solve real-world problems.

Technology at Packer is designed to empower students and faculty to tap the full promise of powerful learning tools by applying technology in intentional and meaningful ways. Lower School classrooms have access to tablets and laptops, and every student in Grades 5 through 12 is provided with an Apple laptop (MacBook Air) and a comprehensive software suite. We provide access to age-appropriate software and academic resources that are accessible both on and off campus. All classrooms are equipped with interactive whiteboard displays which support interactive teaching and classroom collaboration. 3D printers are available to all grade levels. 

Our academic programs in Computing & Design (Lower and Middle Schools) and Computer Science (Upper School) are designed to educate students in the appropriate and effective application of technology for their own learning, expression, and discovery. Read more about Computing & Design, as well as our offerings in Computer Science under Academics and in our downloadable Curriculum Guides.

Middle School Curriculum Guide

Upper School Curriculum Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

Tech Support

Stop by the Technology Center (Founder’s Hall, lower level) or email us at

Students and Faculty: Stop by the Technology Center (Founder’s Hall, lower level), open an IT Service Desk help request (requires your Packer credentials), or email us at

Meet Our Technology Team