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Sixth Grade Core Teacher (Maternity Leave Replacement)

Dates: August 27 through November 11, 2019. 

This maternity leave position entails teaching two sections of sixth grade Core (English and history), serving as an advisor to a group of sixth grade students, collaborating closely with a grade-level partner who teaches the same courses, and working with an interdisciplinary sixth grade team. The history curriculum focuses on the Islamic world, medieval Europe, and classical China from 500-1500 CE, as well as current events and geography. The English reading curriculum includes novels, poetry, and nonfiction works. In both courses, students develop their skills in writing, research, note-taking, grammar, punctuation, annotation, vocabulary development, public speaking, and group work. The position requires comfort with the frequent use of educational technologies in the classroom, facility with electronic communication and learning management applications, and experience with a broad range of instructional practices. Sixth grade Core teachers also plan and execute class visits to sites throughout New York City to complement and support students’ experiences in the classroom.

Teachers at Packer are asked to be available to provide their students with sustained, individualized attention outside of the classroom and to maintain frequent written and oral communication with students’ families. Candidates must have at least one year of middle school teaching experience, exceptional writing skills, and a demonstrated commitment to their teaching practice.

Packer’s commitment to diversity requires of all faculty members a willingness to engage with complex ideas, to reflect critically on one’s own experiences, and to thoughtfully engage in  identity, equity and inclusion work. We actively encourage applicants with broad and diverse backgrounds to apply.

Please send cover letter and resume to with “Job Listing 24009” in the subject line of the e-mail. To be considered, materials submitted should be named: “Last name First name - Document Title.” 

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