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Cross Divisional Health Educator (2022-23 SY.)

Packer’s Health and Wellness Department is responsible for providing health and wellness support and education programs for Pre/Lower, Middle, and Upper school students, as well as families. We are seeking a motivated, dedicated and caring individual to teach health education cross divisionally. As a health educator, this individual is responsible for creating and teaching health education to students in 5th- 8th grade and in either Lower School or Upper School. The role involves partnering with our teaching faculty and families to support students’ physical, emotional, and social wellness throughout their time at Packer. At the core of our health curricula, students are taught the decision-making skills to incorporate healthy activities into their lives and avoid harmful behaviors, as well as the coping skills to manage stressors and conflict. 

Additional health educator duties include:

  • Staying abreast of current health education practices
  • Writing and implementing health education curriculum 
  • Regularly present to families and colleagues on health-related issues
  • Advocating for improved health resources and school policies related to social, emotional and physical health
  • Collecting data and other information to analyze needs and evaluate programs
  • Advising
  • A commitment to anti-bias and anti-racism work both inside and outside the classroom as well as promoting an inclusive, just, and equitable school community

This individual  must be able to work in a small team, evaluate information and data, build rapport with a diverse group of people and express themselves clearly, both verbally and in writing.

Education and Training for Health Educators
A master’s degree in Public Health or related field preferred or a k-12 school health educator

Packer is deeply committed to diversity and an inclusive community. We actively encourage applications from candidates with broad and diverse backgrounds and from individuals of all races, nationalities, and beliefs. It is required that all candidates are committed to personal growth in their cultural competency as well as their anti-racist counseling practice.

Please send resume and cover letter to with “Job Listing 48009” in the subject line. To be considered, materials submitted should be titled: “Last Name First Name - [Document Title].”  

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