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Why Packer

Learn what makes Packer different, directly from the people who know best: our students and faculty.

Our Community

Sadie S.
Class of 2022

Something I love about my fellow Packer students is how kind we are to each other. No matter what grade you are in or where you may be, there is always the feeling of respect and inclusivity.

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Erik Resurreccion
Assistant Head of Pre and Lower School

My colleagues are some of the hardest working and passionate people I know. I am continuously awed by their brilliance, creativity, thoughtfulness, and openness to learning. They inspire me to do my very best to help them achieve whatever goals they set for themselves.

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Liv F.
Class of 2020

When I wave to people in the hall, I'm genuinely excited to see them and I feel like that is reciprocated, which is pretty special.

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Class of 2026

What I love about the teachers at Packer is that they pay so much attention to you. They’re all kind. You actually feel loved.

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Monika Johnston
History Department Chair

I am in awe of our students. Their energy, motivation, and sense of agency are an inspiration to me as both a teacher and a life-long learner.

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From the sense of warmth you'll feel as soon as you walk in, to the relationships that take root here, to the events and traditions that we are passionate about, here are some of the reasons we think our community is pretty special.   

Student Experience

Rohan P.
Class of 2023

Packer allows students to have a voice and have a say, and I think that’s very important because — after all — school is mainly about the students.

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Gigi M.
Class of 2027

The teachers support you. They make sure you’re learning as much as you can and you’re doing what you love.

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Dana H.
Class of 2022

There's something so empowering about being in a room with people who are passionate about the same things you are and working towards a common goal.

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Alex E.
Class of 2022

It’s nice having one main campus because I have made connections with everyone: kids I've been in classes with and in other grades, even teachers.

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Millie H.
Class of 2021

What I love about Packer is that it simultaneously prioritizes academics and community. I felt like I don’t have to sacrifice one for the other and I can have it all.

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We provide the kind of opportunities and support that allow students to achieve more than they think they are capable of, in and out of the classroom.

Our Diversity and Equity Work

Class of 2018

I have always seen diversity work at Packer as an opportunity to give the student body a new perspective and make them aware of certain social or school-specific issues. Diversity work helps make Packer students more socially aware.

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Class of 2026

There are a lot of things we do, like Lower School Assemblies, to make sure everyone treats everyone fairly. 

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Meet Su-Ling Huang
World Languages Teacher

My favorite thing about Packer is the diversity in the faculty and student body. Packer offers a wealth of opportunities for students to explore a variety of languages and cultures.

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Semeka Smith-Williams
Director of Diversity and Equity

I am motivated when I watch our student leaders take a topic and bring their ideas to it, and then witness their readiness to explore challenging questions.

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Class of 2022

I have discovered a passion for activism during my time in Middle School. Packer values its students' voices and teachers encourage students to speak up for what they believe in.

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Diversity and Equity are guiding principles at Packer. We are committed to building and sustaining a community that reflects the great diversity of our city. 

Global Learning

Cameron Lemley
Upper School Math Teacher

Math teachers have just as a great a responsibility as humanities teachers to promote global literacy in the classroom. Mathematics is a universal language that can be used to effect positive social change.

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Julian I.
Class of 2020

One of my favorite classes at Packer is Mandarin. I love being able to learn about a culture and a language so different from my own.

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Austin H.
Class of 2026

It’s good to learn about not just our country but other countries, studying the people there, what their traditions are, what their religions are, what they do.

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Robin Hancock
Director of Global Programs and Community Engagement

Our global programs very deliberately put our students at the center of their own learning and expand what it means to be a citizen of our world.

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Sydney N.
Class of 2020

My favorite memory of the school year is definitely the spring break trip to Cuba. Not only did we meet such amazing people, but also having the ability to explore language and culture through full immersion is an experience that is unmatched.

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Our students learn that the world is a complex and dynamic place — one that we are all members of and where constructive change is always possible. 

Our Campus

Ella S.
Class of 2019

I love that Packer manages to be a very urban campus while simultaneously maintaining some green space with the Garden.

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Jansen Po
Associate Director of Pre and Lower School Admissions

I love the window into the Middle School, just past the Shen Gallery. It perfectly captures the spirit of the Packer mission statement — “Grounded in rich traditions while embracing the future.”

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George Snook
Upper School History Teacher

I love our Neo-Gothic building and still enjoy finding odd corners and hidden spots I didn't know existed.

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Alex E.
Class of 2022

It’s nice having one main campus because I have made connections with everyone: kids I've been in classes with and in other grades, even teachers.

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Class of 2026

In Kindergarten you go on tons of field trips — to museums, to the Brooklyn Heights Promenade, to MoMA.

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Packer's beautiful and historic campus is at the crossroads of Downtown Brooklyn and the Heights. Our soaring 19th-century architecture and generous outdoor space are the perfect complements to our 21st-century academic program.

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