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Packer’s Strategic Design Process

The Board of Trustees is engaged in a strategic planning process that will continue into 2022. Our experiences navigating the pandemic over the past 18 months have made us more committed to examining who we are and what we want to be in service of our students and families.

A Strategic Design Team of board members, alumni, administrators, and faculty members, chaired by Trustee Evan Roth P’27, will lead the process. We will discern what matters most at Packer and surface solutions so the school can continue to best meet the needs of our students. Our goal is to design a cohesive strategy that takes Packer forward by articulating the school’s priorities for the coming years. The Strategy will be approved and adopted formally by our Board of Trustees.


Community Survey

Packer engaged Greenwich Leadership Partners to conduct qualitative research to examine community experience with, and perspectives on, the school.

Learning Teams

Over the summer of 2021, we convened learning teams who are now engaged in research, discovery, and conversation on several subject areas surfaced by the survey feedback. Thank you to those who are serving on these teams. 

The work of these groups is vital in helping us understand our current programs and practices, and will surface possibilities for future steps. 

The teams are researching the following questions. 

Packer's Mission

Our mission lives in our work and our conversations every day.

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