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Mission and Values

Our mission is the foundation of the Packer experience. 

Think Deeply, Speak Confidently, Act with Purpose and Heart. As a community, we discuss the profound meaning of these words regularly, beginning with our youngest learners.

In our rapidly changing world, we believe that exceptional individuals develop by engaging, questioning, and participating in the community, and Packer students embody our mission in ever-inspiring innovative ways.

Our Mission

Grounded in rich traditions while embracing the future, Packer is a diverse community that balances the value of scholarship and the intellect with the importance of meaningful and sustained relationships. Guided by dedicated adults, Packer students are challenged to develop talents, pursue aspirations, and become empathetic, responsible, globally-minded individuals.

We educate students to:

Think Deeply
Speak Confidently
Act with Purpose and Heart

Planning Packer's Future

Throughout the 2021-22 school year, we are engaged in a strategic design process.

Core Values

Our mission drives our six core values. Together, they capture our commitment to nurturing both head and heart in balance.

Scholarship: supporting meaningful intellectual engagement, rigorous thought, and the life of the mind

Creativity: fostering curiosity, exploration, discovery, and the value of generative work and art

Diversity: embracing difference, access and inclusion to build understanding and empathy

Integrity: cultivating decency, honesty, goodness, and personal responsibility

Joy: creating a community of positive energy, active participation, and lively engagement

Respect: caring for oneself, for one another, for the space we share, and for the work we do

Diversity at Packer

Packer believes that healthy identity development is essential to the academic, social, and emotional growth of our students. As educators, we must create an environment in which all students feel safe, challenged, celebrated, and an integral part of Packer. 

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