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Health & Wellness

Health and Wellness is a central component of Packer’s approach to excellent education. The driving principle of our program is the belief that a healthy student can more meaningfully engage with school work, find balance, and manage stress. We believe student wellness and academic excellence are inextricably linked, and that relationships and a sense of belonging create the conditions for transformative learning experiences to happen.  

An Integrated, Collaborative Approach

We support this philosophy by working together as educators and clinicians. Health teachers, nurses, learning specialists, psychologists, and counselors partner with teachers, deans, and division heads to create programming and support systems that focus on the whole child. Often, the administrators in our division offices have a background in health education. Health and Wellness professionals also work closely with our colleagues in the Equity and Inclusion Office, understanding that wellness and a sense of belonging are intertwined, and with the Technology team on digital wellness initiatives. We partner with families and communicate frequently to identify and address problems before they reach a crisis point. 

Through this collaboration among professionals, students, and families, our program promotes a healthy and balanced school culture. The Director of Health and Wellness, a registered nurse with a master’s degree in public health, serves as a member of Packer’s senior leadership team. Considerations of student well-being are at the forefront of school-wide policies, practices, and programs. 

We know from experience and research that an integrated health and wellness program supports students and helps them thrive physically, emotionally, socially, and academically. Our program is constantly evolving and improving in service of student learning by responding to emerging community needs and incorporating the most up-to-date research. We stay informed and share our knowledge by regularly participating in, presenting at, and hosting professional learning conferences as well as going on school visits. We hold regular parent talks and bring in outside experts to further our integration approach by inviting Packer families into this work.

Meet Bridget Londay (she/her)
Director of Health and Wellness

I am proud to work with the H&W team, and our wider adult community, to ensure our amazing and talented kids are also learning to practice balance, embrace joy, and get to know themselves on a deeper level.

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