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Faculty and Staff Directory

At the heart of our community are the extraordinary people on our faculty and staff. We invite you to meet some of them in our Know Your Pelicans series.

For contact information, click the person's name.

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Molly Wyatt

Molly Wyatt

Head Teacher
Karen Zierath

Karen Zierath

Erland Zygmuntowicz

Erland Zygmuntowicz

History Teacher
< 1 12 13 14 showing 274 - 276 of 276 constituents
Meet Maria Nunes
Upper School Division Head

My latest obsession is Titus Kaphar, a young African American painter and sculptor who explores the power of representation in historical narratives. His work broadened my perspective on the need to amend, but not avoid, the retelling of difficult moments in history.  

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Meet Jansen Po
Associate Director of Pre and Lower School Admissions

Our students encourage me to be an activist instead of a bystander; to reimagine a cardboard box and old bottle caps as a robot; they show me shortcuts around the building when I find myself in a dead end (both literally and figuratively).

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Meet Courtney Sockbeson
First Grade Teacher

It's so rewarding when parents tell you about projects that their child has started at home that were inspired by something in the classroom.

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Meet Ian Rumsey
Mathematics Department Head

When faced with a challenging problem, I hope that my students will have the tools to tackle it and the persistence to push through to a solution.

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Meet Dr. Jennifer Weyburn
Head of School

It is such fun to work with students. I learn so much from them. They often come at issues with different ways of thinking from mine. I cherish this more and more as I grow older.

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Meet Celeste Tramontin, 2019 PA Excellence in Teaching Awardee
Upper School English Teacher

Literature gets to big questions of how you want to live your life, how  literary characters can act as a litmus test for what it means to be a human in the world … Literature becomes an instructor's manual for how to live and how not to live.

Read More about Meet Celeste Tramontin, 2019 PA Excellence in Teaching Awardee
Meet Sarah Meadows
Preschool Music Teacher

I hope to teach my students about collaboration and working as a team. Music is such a wonderful way to bring people together and create shared experiences.

Read More about Meet Sarah Meadows
Meet Elena Megalos
Middle School Core Teacher

Our field trips enable us to connect with objects (and buildings) that have endured centuries and will outlast us. They bring the past to life and make it tangible.

Read More about Meet Elena Megalos
Meet Cameron Lemley
Upper School Math Teacher

Mathematics is a universal language and a powerful investigative tool, and it can be used to effect positive social change. It provides a very discerning lens through which we can inspect our world.

Read More about Meet Cameron Lemley
Meet Erik Resurreccion
Assistant Head of Pre and Lower School

I love having the ability to make a teacher's work feel a little easier, whether it is connecting them with professional development, communicating with families, working with students, or sharing words of encouragement.

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Meet Patricia Runcie-Rice
Middle School Theatre Teacher

I hope that through exploring characters from other times, lands, life experiences, etc. students will gain a visceral sense of understanding so that they can empathize with all people.

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Meet Sara Goin-Cloird
Middle and Upper School Admissions Coordinator

My colleagues are caring. Many of them care deeply, and I feel a kinship like nothing I’ve felt in the workplace before.

Read More about Meet Sara Goin-Cloird
Meet Tamara Machac
Upper School Science Teacher

The fellowship among my colleagues not only helps elevate my own teaching, but also makes me feel like a part of the community.

Read More about Meet Tamara Machac
Meet Annette Hernandez
Pre and Lower School Psychologist

On a regular basis I learn about the power of forgiveness from the students. Children can be deeply disappointed with someone but they can also be resilient and quickly remember why they love that person.

Read More about Meet Annette Hernandez
Meet Meghan Clark
Middle School Computer Science Teacher

I want all my students to understand that it is okay to fail. I want them to be able to push through difficult problems and feel a huge sense of accomplishment and pride when they’re finished.

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Meet Dio Hernandez
Upper School French and Spanish Teacher

Every time I see students having conversations in the target language just because it's fun and useful, it is very rewarding to me, professionally and personally.

Read More about Meet Dio Hernandez
Meet Ramon Thompson
Technology Services Coordinator

I love that my colleagues and I all have the same mission: to help the Packer community through the use of technology.

Read More about Meet Ramon Thompson
Meet Chris Natale
Math Specialist (K-6)

One of my favorite parts of the curriculum is helping kids to think about how to be good problem solvers. It’s hugely important to teach them how to start with a plan and work from there. 

Read More about Meet Chris Natale
Meet Sadelle Chain
Middle School Core Teacher

In both the intellectual and personal realms, I hope my students will continue to always ask themselves the questions we base our 6th Grade Core course on: Whose perspective am I hearing? Whose may be left out?  

Read More about Meet Sadelle Chain
Meet Sameer Shah
Upper School Math Teacher

Many adults see math as cold and sterile and formulaic. I think a lot about how to help my students find the joy, beauty, and creativity in math. 

Read More about Meet Sameer Shah
Meet Lindsay Velazco
Lower School Science Teacher

I hope to teach students persistence, inventiveness, skepticism, that failures are part of the process, how to answer their own questions, learn from mistakes, and work together.

Read More about Meet Lindsay Velazco
Meet Craig Kennedy
Superintendent of Building and Grounds

I don’t think that there are many schools where the students and parents know the members of the Operations Staff as well as they do at Packer. Those relationships are very rewarding.

Read More about Meet Craig Kennedy
Meet Hardeep Juttla
Second Grade Teacher

Building a happy classroom community in which we can laugh, share our struggles, and enjoy each other’s successes is paramount.

Read More about Meet Hardeep Juttla
Meet George Snook
Upper School History Teacher

My favorite thing about Packer is our diversity. People sense it when they enter the building. We encourage and respect each other for our differences as well as our similarities.

Read More about Meet George Snook
Meet César Ayala
Middle School Administrative Assistant

One of my favorite things to do at Packer is learn about the lives of all of our students. I love talking to them about things that are not related to school. We don't talk politics; we talk about everything else—and that fills me with energy.

Read More about Meet César Ayala
Meet Jeremy Udden
Instrumental Music Teacher

My students never cease to amaze me — the way they look at a problem or find a solution in a way that I could never have anticipated. Their creativity drives me.

Read More about Meet Jeremy Udden
Meet Tom James
Upper School Math Teacher

I hope my students come to appreciate the value of learning in a caring, supportive, and mutually challenging community.

Read More about Meet Tom James
Meet Sharon Melady
Lower School Science Teacher

I hope that our youngest scientists quickly learn that no matter their age or size, they can make a difference. The smallest things they do can lead to big changes.

Read More about Meet Sharon Melady
Meet Anne Marie Mignatti
Middle School Science Teacher

The Middle School Science Fair is the most rewarding part of my job. Students can discover and follow a passion in science and take their learning as deep as they are willing to go.

Read More about Meet Anne Marie Mignatti
Meet Lisa Shambaugh
College Counselor

As a college counselor, I feel incredibly lucky to get to know juniors and seniors individually. I am inspired by their willingness to take risks, their abundant positivity, and their ability to recognize how they have grown and changed.

Read More about Meet Lisa Shambaugh
Meet Kofi Donnelly
Science Department Head

I hope to teach my students that learning is lifelong and there really is value in trying to figure things out.

Read More about Meet Kofi Donnelly
Meet Katharine Hill
Middle School Learning Specialist

I hope to teach students that curiosity about the world and about other people is a great way—or maybe the only way—to develop empathy and love of learning.

Read More about Meet Katharine Hill
Meet Linda Weiss King
Lower School Learning Specialist

One of the most valuable lessons I hope to teach my students is that it’s okay to make mistakes. We all have things we’re really good at and things we need to work on.

Read More about Meet Linda Weiss King
Meet Susan Moore
Director of Annual Giving

Together with my wonderful parent volunteers, we encourage the many members of the community who love Packer to make a gift in support of our school.

Read More about Meet Susan Moore
Meet Sarah Strauss
Upper School History Teacher

I love teaching students how to conduct original research—whether in the Packer archives, for a documentary film, or their 10th Grade research paper.

Read More about Meet Sarah Strauss
Meet Denise Schwed
Director of Pre and Lower School Admissions

I have spent the bulk of my professional life teaching and working at Packer. I started here as a young teacher and loved it so much I never left!

Read More about Meet Denise Schwed
Meet Nila Fortune
College Counselor

Choosing the right college is less about its reputation and much more about finding a place that will support you as you grow into the person you hope to become.

Read More about Meet Nila Fortune
Meet Chad Austino
Latin Teacher

I hope to teach my students to be self learners. We are all students for life, and the more curious and engaged we are in the world, the more rewarding our lives will be. 

Read More about Meet Chad Austino
Meet Erin Schmitz
Independent Science Research Program Coordinator

The Independent Science Research Program is my favorite thing at Packer. I love seeing students go from having an interest in science to becoming so confident and knowledge about their research topic.

Read More about Meet Erin Schmitz
Meet Jamie Lilly
Lower School Literacy Coordinator

It is essential that we teach students to understand different perspectives. Reading is a great way to facilitate this because books can serve as mirrors and windows.

Read More about Meet Jamie Lilly
Meet June Alpert
Middle School Math Teacher

Some of the best times in math class happen when students have a “lightbulb” moment, and they exclaim, “Oh, now I get it!” It is very satisfying for them and me.

Read More about Meet June Alpert
Meet Kate Meyer
Middle School History Teacher

My colleagues are really talented educators, and my students are some of the finest kids I've ever worked with.

Read More about Meet Kate Meyer
Meet Jonathan Farmer
Fourth Grade Teacher

One of the most important things I hope my students come away with as they go off to Middle School is that with a growth mindset, the impossible becomes possible.

Read More about Meet Jonathan Farmer
Meet Aaron Heflich Shapiro
Manager of Development Services

My colleagues truly embody the spirit of Packer’s Mission Statement and are some of the kindest, warmest, and smartest people I’ve ever worked with!

Read More about Meet Aaron Heflich Shapiro
Meet Sandra Fahy
Upper School History Teacher

I love teaching all of my electives, but I think I like Cultural Anthropology the most. This is partly because it's my background, but I also enjoy seeing students respond to a new disciplinary approach to studying the world.

Read More about Meet Sandra Fahy
Meet Semeka Smith-Williams
Director of Diversity and Equity

When I watch our student leaders take a topic and bring their ideas to it, and witness their readiness to explore challenging questions with others in our community, it brings me joy and appreciation for being an educator.

Read More about Meet Semeka Smith-Williams
Meet Patrick Sandiford
Maintenance Team Member

Knowing that my day will be filled with humor, no matter how hard the task may be, is very satisfying. I thank my colleagues for that.

Read More about Meet Patrick Sandiford
Meet Pippa Mayell
Physical Education Teacher

One of the greatest things about working at Packer is the opportunity to learn from colleagues. The energy, the enthusiasm, and the dedication to be found across all disciplines and divisions are inspiring!

Read More about Meet Pippa Mayell
Meet Sheila Bogan
Middle and Upper School Admission Director and Director of Financial Aid

I take great pride when the kids that we accept into this community make a major impact, from presenting their findings from years of research in the Science Research Program to choreographing a piece in the Dance Concert.

Read More about Meet Sheila Bogan
Meet Mandy Stallings
Dance Teacher

It's always such a thrill when Dance Concert season comes along. Being able to work with the Upper School choreography class and help the dancers to bring their artistic visions to life is such a joy.

Read More about Meet Mandy Stallings
Meet Bruce Dennis
Head of School

I love my colleagues' dedication and commitment to their students. I am constantly impressed by the faculty and staff's work ethic and their high level of engagement with our students.

Read More about Meet Bruce Dennis
Meet Shanique Hollis
Food Services Team Member

Students feel comfortable talking to me about anything. Sometimes I give them creative ideas for how to go about things. Once, an Upper School soccer player was having a hard time. She was worrying: "We're not going to win [our game], we're not going to win!" I encouraged her, and the team ended up winning!

Read More about Meet Shanique Hollis
Meet Rita Pavia
Permanent Substitute Teacher

My favorite thing about Packer is the way that students from different divisions engage with each other. I love that they have the opportunity to do so through activities that facilitate reaching outside their normal circles of interaction.

Read More about Meet Rita Pavia
Meet Andrew Parson
Library Department Head

Packer is a place where I can help students do anything from researching why the Mayan empire collapsed to hanging drywall in a Baltimore Habit for Humanity site.

Read More about Meet Andrew Parson
Meet Stephanie Rapciak
Middle School Science Teacher

I most enjoy the times when students are engaged in design work in my classroom, such as developing experiments to explore force. It is rewarding and inspiring to see students take creative control and think of new and interesting solutions.

Read More about Meet Stephanie Rapciak
Meet Alicia White
Dance Teacher

The relationships that I've made with both my colleagues and my students are the most memorable. Having space and time to create and collaborate with one another allows you to see each other through a different lens.

Read More about Meet Alicia White
Meet Yvonne Menard
Pre and Lower School Admissions Coordinator

My favorite things about Packer are our vibrant community and our commitment to diversity.

Read More about Meet Yvonne Menard
Meet Tené Adero Howard
Director of Global Outreach, Service, and Sustainability

My favorite event is probably the Dance Concert. It is such an amazing example of student leadership and creativity. I also feel deeply connected to this Packer tradition because it was such an important event to me while I was a student here.

Read More about Meet Tené Adero Howard
Meet Lutz Holzinger
Upper School Science Teacher

My favorite moments are the times my students take charge of the class and have insightful discussions about a topic or problem, while I observe their discourse from the sidelines.

Read More about Meet Lutz Holzinger
Meet Joanna Festa
Third Grade Teacher

I am always in awe of what our students bring to class discussions on topics such as identity, literacy, math, social studies, our classroom community, and beyond—I am always learning from them!

Read More about Meet Joanna Festa
Meet Nick Griffith
Security Team Member

My favorite thing about Packer is the friendly interactions among the faculty, staff, students, and parents. I have a unique perspective of the school from the front desk.

Read More about Meet Nick Griffith
Meet Louis Rios

I totally love my mornings at Packer. Getting to watch the students grow and mature year after year is just awesome.

Read More about Meet Louis Rios
Meet Paul Riggio
Instrumental Music Coordinator

One of my favorite things about Packer is the myriad of simply lovely and interesting people with whom I have had more than passing relationships: students, faculty, staff, and parents alike.

Read More about Meet Paul Riggio
Meet Lydia Monzio
Administrative Assistant for Student Services, College Counseling

I love our caring community, our wonderful students, the friends I have made, and the way I have grown as a person here.

Read More about Meet Lydia Monzio
Meet Monika Johnston
History Department Chair

I am in awe of our students. Their energy, motivation, and sense of agency are an inspiration to me as both a teacher and a life-long learner.

Read More about Meet Monika Johnston
Meet Ali Boag
Chair of the Arts Department

My favorite thing about Packer is the people. And the amazing courses students follow. Oh... and the garden area at the back.

Read More about Meet Ali Boag
Meet Luciean Bennett
Facilities Staff Member (and Packer DJ)

My favorite thing is being around the kids and my coworkers. The atmosphere and the environment at Packer — it's just nice.

Read More about Meet Luciean Bennett
Meet Esther Liu Harris
Middle and Upper School Choral Director

My favorite thing about Packer is that it supports teacher professional growth, creates space for community members to discuss important social issues, and encourages students and faculty to challenge themselves.

Read More about Meet Esther Liu Harris
Meet Ann Martinez
Food Services Member

My favorite thing about Packer is when kids come here at age three and I watch them grow up! I feel close to them and bond with them.

Read More about Meet Ann Martinez
Meet Tim Jensen
Fourth Grade Teacher

I love the cycle of each school year, and it never bores me. Students and teachers start in September as relative strangers, getting to know one another as we begin working together.

Read More about Meet Tim Jensen
Meet Bessie Oster
Middle School Dean of Student Life and Health Teacher

I think I am always striving to create experiences for our Middle Schoolers that I wish I'd had as a kid — and I love that many of my students and colleagues at Packer are up for the adventure.

Read More about Meet Bessie Oster
Meet Alice Lurain
Upper School Science Teacher

I love that every day as I walk through the halls of Packer, I exchange greetings with students, faculty, and staff. It is a wonderfully welcoming and affirming feeling to be seen and acknowledged with warmth, and often, with enthusiasm.

Read More about Meet Alice Lurain
Meet Irene Turner
First Grade Teacher

I love working in a PreK to 12 school where I have the opportunity to see my former students grow and develop into such caring, reflective, open, and confident individuals.

Read More about Meet Irene Turner
Meet Louis Minsky
Upper School Computer Science Teacher

There's something incredibly satisfying about watching a student who has been struggling with a problem and seeing the moment that they get it to work.

Read More about Meet Louis Minsky
Meet Chris Rush
Lower School Librarian

I really enjoy being with the students. Their energy and excitement inspire me and I learn so much from them every day.

Read More about Meet Chris Rush
Meet Rich Domanico
Physical Education Teacher and Coach

Through the years, my favorite thing about Packer has been the students that I have had the privilege to coach. Whether on a soccer field or a basketball court, our student athletes conduct themselves with class and a remarkable work ethic.

Read More about Meet Rich Domanico
Meet Todd Johnson
Middle School English Teacher

I love the fact that individuality is embraced at Packer. I would be hard pressed to describe the typical Packer student (or teacher, for that matter) because everyone is encouraged to be themselves.

Read More about Meet Todd Johnson
Meet Lynnette Arthur
Preschool Teacher

The relationships with fellow teachers, staff, parents, and children that we at Packer encounter every year are monumental, and extend beyond the classroom.

Read More about Meet Lynnette Arthur
Meet Eric Baylin
Upper School Art Teacher

My favorite thing about Packer is the enthusiasm and creativity of the students. I am inspired by their willingness to test the boundaries of their own ideas and their readiness to explore new possibilities.

Read More about Meet Eric Baylin
Meet Su-Ling Huang
World Languages Teacher

My favorite thing about Packer is the diversity in the faculty and student body. Packer offers a wealth of opportunities for students to explore a variety of languages and cultures.

Read More about Meet Su-Ling Huang
Meet Anne Montero
Kindergarten Teacher

Last year, a group of Middle School students led our Kindergartners in an art project and discussion about identity. The confidence, patience and tenderness with which the Middle School students led the activity reaffirmed for me why it's so fantastic to be a member of this community.

Read More about Meet Anne Montero

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